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The Secret World: Last Dance of the Padurii Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Last Dance of the Padurii Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Last Dance of the Padurii Guide / Solution Shadowy Forest Anastasia - (950,810)   The Secret World: Last Dance of the Padurii Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Last Dance of the Padurii Guide / Solution30,000

Tier 1: Use Box to Capture The Music of Sighing Forest Spirit

Pick up the box from right next to Anastasia.

Use it on one of the Forest Spirits in the area.  You can either fight the wave that will attack you, or run away and reset them.  You get credit for using the item, not killing things.

Tier 2: Use Box to Capture The Music of Enslaved Forest Spirit

Follow directions stated in Tier 3.

Tier 3: Capture 12 Forest Spirits

In order to kill Padurri, you need to seperate them from their enslaved spirits.  Do this via roots, resets, or having 1 person take aggro of spirits, while other takes the Padurri itself.  You could always use my personal favorite strategy for Tier 2 & 3 though.  Since you don’t actually need to kill anything for this mission (Until Tier 4), simply walk up to one of the Padurri, use the music box, they’ll get into combat mode and bring out their spirits.  Simply go up to them and use the Music box on each one, then run away to re-set the fight.  Come back and do the same thing on a DIFFERENT Padurri until you get to Tier 4 of the mission.
You will need a total of..

4: Shrilling Forest Spirits
4: Keening Forest Spirits
4: Clamouring Forest Spirits

Run Away!!!

Tier 4: Kill Mama Padurii

Alright, this time you can’t just use the Music box and run away, you actually need to kill the big Mama Padurii.  First thing’s first though, you need to summon her.

To do this, walk up to the rock formation shown below and use the music box to summon big Mamma herself.

For this fight, she has two “phases” and you control when she changes “phases” by clicking on the rock formation that you used to summon her in the first place.

Start the fight All the way inside her little tunnel.  She will summon Spirits.  When she does, run to the rocks and click on them.  This will trigger a change of “phase”.  She will no longer be able to use ranged attacks for a short time, so she will be forced to follow you.  You a decent way away with it following you.  The Spirits will be left behind while she comes at you, this is how you separate her from the spirits and kill her.  She will go back to using ranged attacks, and shortly thereafter summon new spirits (the old ones will disappear).  When this happens, run past the rock formation, clicking it again, and run to the end of her tunnel and continue fighting her there.  Her spirits will be left behind once more.  Repeat this cycle until she is dead.  I would recommend bringing a friend along as this can be a tough encounter, even while grouped.

Thanks to Cherch for the updated strategy.

Ok, this quest has had changes made to it that make it a bit harder in Tier 3, but easier in Tier 4 (theoretically). In Tier 3, you now have to kill some Padurii. Better bring a friend and/or some good hinder effects. In Tier 4 the minions stays and Mama is suppose to charge you. So the stone isn’t needed and isn’t clickable anymore. Offical post said :
Last Dance of the Pădurii – Muma Pădurii should no longer attack from range – she now fights like other Padurii. Interacting with the Humming runestone is no longer necessary to counteract that.

The Padurii/Minion system has been revised. Players should be unable to separate a spirit minion from it’s master unless they slow them down. The Spirits are very susceptible to movement impairing effects.
Now thats how it’s supposed to work. But in my solo attempt at it, I had problems keeping the minions hindered on Tier 3. And in Tier 4, Mama would sometimes stay and sometimes her minions would follow. This was prior to the 1.1.1 patch, so hopefully it’s been fixed.


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