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The Secret World: Knight of The Draculesti Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Knight of The Draculesti Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Knight of The Draculesti Guide / Solution Shadowy Forest Tibor - (840,855)   The Secret World: Knight of The Draculesti Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Knight of The Draculesti Guide / Solution30,000

Tier 1: Go to The Graveyard

You will want to go in at the North Entrance.

Tier 2: Find The Draculesti Shrine

Follow the path up and into the building.  Go all the way inside and the mission will update.

Tier 3: Repair The Cross

You already have 1 piece from the children at camp, so you just need to find 2 more.  They will be inside the Church.  Once you have collected them, walk up to the cross and click on it to repair it.

Tier 4: Collect Gaspar Iute’s Spurs

Gaspar Iute’s spurs are located on the east side of the church, inside the Mausoleum.

Tier 5: Obtain The Helmet From Miklos II Napraznic

The Helmet is on the southern end of the Graveyard.  Make sure to be at full hp and be ready for a fight.  When you collect the helmet, Miklos II Napraznic will spawn and attack you.

Tier 6: Get The Draculesti Shield

If there is a pattern to the order you have to destroy statues, we did not get it.  We started by killing the ghost at the North-west corner of the circle, then killed the next one over going counter-clock wise and the shield wore off in the middle.  I’m going to say keep killing ghosts at the statues on the outer layer until you are able to go to the middle & gather the Shield.  Note that you can gather the shield without killing the monster, so if you can do it and reset him, all the more power to you.

Tier 7: Collect The Draculesti Scythe From Istvan Taios

The final artifact is the Draculesti Scythe, which you receive by killing Istvan Taios.  Make sure your group is prepared for the battle.  Once you begin, it is like a dungeon boss battle.  The exits light up and block access.  The only ways out are death, or victory.  He throws multiple blood AoE attacks onto the ground at once throughout the fight, as well as a massive PBAoE attack.  Dodge them all and make quick work of him.  The Scythe will drop to the floor when he dies.

(Poor Unfair, died again)

Tier 8: Place The Draculesti Relics at The Shrine

With all relics in hand, head back up to the Draculesti Shrine and place the relics back onto it, ending the mission.


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