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The Secret World: In Cold Blood Guide / Solution
The Secret World: In Cold Blood Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: In Cold Blood Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Hasdatean - (890,1216)   The Secret World: In Cold Blood Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: In Cold Blood Guide / Solution35,000
The Secret World: In Cold Blood Guide / Solution

Tier 1: Examine the Journal & Take a Stake

Examine the journal, hidden within it’s pages lies a clue for a later part of the mission. After you examine the page, grab a Stake off the bench and head outside.

Tier 2: Locate & Defeat Grigore Movila

He is located on the outskirts of the Vampire camp, conveniently marked on your map. Nothing too dangerous, just your standard attacks. Clear the area immediately around him to be safe.

Tier 3: Infiltrate The Observatory & Defeat Stelian Tiranul

This is a fairly long way up with many vampires to slay on the way.  If there was a time limit on it, it would make a perfect gauntlet event =)

When you get to the top, there will be a locked door that requires a code to open.  Do you remember the journal you read earlier?  You can press j and go to tier 1 and click show image to get to it, or just keep reading.  The door code is within the journal.  I’ve highlighted it below.

So go ahead and pop that into the keypad and viola! The door will open.

Inside you will find Stelian Tiranul.  When you engage him, he will cast many AoE abilities all over the room.  Be sure to dodge them while attacking him and he will go down rather quickly.

Tier 4: Infiltrate the Alliance Camp & Defeat Vasile Rasva

Time to run across the map towards the Alliance Camp.  This time clear your way up and kill the leader here, Vasile Rasva.  Once Vasile is dead, open up Rasva’s chest to find out where the vampires refuge is.  That is your next destination.

Tier 5: Destroy The Weakened Vampires

It’s finally going to be time to stake the blood suckers, there will be no escape this time.  Attack them like you would any normal monster, except when their hp is low, open up your inventory and right click on the stake you picked up at the beginning of the mission.  This will stake the vampires.  Once you’ve run the final one through, the mission ends and you may collect your reward.


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