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The Secret World: Horror Show – Full Guide & Camera Locations
The Secret World: Horror Show – Full Guide & Camera Locations

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Horror Show – Full Guide & Camera Locations Kingsmouth Town Helen Bannerman - (187,319)   The Secret World: Horror Show – Full Guide & Camera Locations   |   The Secret World: Horror Show – Full Guide & Camera Locations5,000

A look at the Kingsmouth Mission Horror Show

You get this quest from the woman at the police station. Screenshots of each camera are provided below so you can easily find and identify them, as well as directions for reaching the hard to get cameras.


You begin the quest inside the police station. The first step for success is to check the phonebook to get the locations marked on your map. The Phonebook is by the soda machines as seen below.


The camera from Kingsmouth Savings and Loans should be easy to reach. It is located on a main road and is just to the left of a door.


The Camera at the Sycoil Gas Station is located on the corner of the roof. To get there, you must go around the back side of the gas station and jump up onto the green dumpster, then the blue one, and finally onto the roof. Be careful when going from the green to blue dumpster as your character may get stuck in between them and will not be able to get out. (This happened to me during the 2nd to last Open Beta Weekend)


The camera at the Mining Museum is clearly visible from the front. However, getting to it is not immediately obvious. In order to get to it, you must, again, go around the back side of the building and into someones backyard. There you will find a ladder as shown. You must climb this ladder, then jump from the residential roof, to the roof of the museum to reach the camera. When you collect this camera, you will have a Note from the Janitor pop up on your screen as seen below.


You must go into the Museum Basement in order to get a box of cameras. In the basement, you much dodge security cameras in order to get to a button to deactivate lasers. If a camera spots you, you go BOOM! and have to try again. After you deactivate the first set of lasers, you go back to the hall and have to find holes in the next set of lasers that you can slip through. Deactivate the final button, defeat James Morris, the janitor, and collect a box of shinny new cameras. After you’re done with the basement, head back outside and get ready to setup your perimeter surveillance.

Station Alarm 1 is located on a porch near the police station, you have to plant the camera from the actual porch or else you won’t be able to reach it from the ground.


Station Alarm 2 is located on a post just outside the police station where the men in white are stationed.


Station Alarm 3 is a tree trunk, fairly self explanitory.


Station Alarm 4 is on the light post just outside the front of the police station.


To finish off the quest, simply go inside and activate the cameras on the computer by following the on-screen prompts.

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