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The Secret World: Hell Rising (Into the Inferno) Boss Guide
The Secret World: Hell Rising (Into the Inferno) Boss Guide

Hell Rising is where we take our first trip into the depths of Hell in The Secret World. Hell Rising (normal) is intended for players who have full QL5 gear. The elite version of Hell Rising requires full QL10 instance. There is a lot more “trash mobs” in here than in the Polaris dungeon, but most of it is skipable with creative use of the environment.

Video’s are our first time raw kills with 3 PUGs, so excuse any mistakes/stupidity in them =)

First Boss: Antimony Misinitrix

HP: 84,797
Strategy: The towers around the room will periodically activate in a clockwise direction. The only thing you need to watch out for in this fight are those towers. Stay ahead of them while beating down the boss and collect your loot.

Second Boss: Corroder

HP: 84,797
Strategy: Pull the Corroder up the path slightly. The group needs to stand right on the Corroders’s behind in order to avoid the maximum amount of damage. He does a frontal cone AoE attack as well as periodically casting a green bubble, from which the safety zone is right next to the boss or very far away. Since going far away would put you out of range of the boss, just stand right behind him to make it simple.


Third Boss: Hardwired Fleshtank

HP: 127,196
Strategy: For this boss fight, there are 4 platforms around the room plus a center platform, making 5 total. The boss will periodically light 1 to 4 of these platforms on fire. He needs to be taken to a platform that is not flaming and the group needs to stand on a safe platform as well. At the beginning of the fight, he will only light 1 at a time, but as you progress and get closer to killing him, he lights more and more at the same time until there is only 1 safe platform at any given moment. Just keep moving as necessary and he will go down in no time.



Fourth Boss: Traumadriver

HP: 105,996
Strategy: There are two mechanics to be wary of in this encounter. The first one is the towers on either side. Throughout the fight the towers are activated in a counter-clock wise direction. They just go round and round until the boss is dead. The tank must take the boss and the group away from the side that is going to have towers in order to avoid the massive AoE damage that they deal. The second mechanic is a fire wall. It will spawn on one end of the hallway and work it’s way down through the duration of the fight. The flames are basically a dps check. Assuming your group has the gear for this place, they should be non issue. Just have everyone moving away from them while fighting. Easy fight, collect your loot.



Fifth Boss: Recursia, Many-in-One

Strategy: Everyone needs to stay right on top of/behind the boss during this fight. She will periodically cast a massive AoE Attack centered on herself which will cover the entire room EXCEPT for immediately next to her. It is vital that no one get hit by it because they will die a horrible death. Additionally, she will go to the Center of the room and become invulnerable. At this point, everyone in the group needs to kill the hounds as quickly as possible. They will slowly walk towards the center where the boss is standing. If they reach her, they will explode doing AoE damage to everyone in the room. This occurs three times. On the third time, she is no longer invulnerable and you can zerg her down before any of the dogs reach her.


Sixth – Final Boss: Machine Tyrant

HP: 127,196
Strategy: This boss requires MOVEMENT. There are three main mechanics to this fight.

Number 1: Orange “wells” and boss shielding
Tank needs to move the boss to the giant orange “wells” every time they spawn. Reason being that the boss will be immune to damage until he walks over one of those to despell his shield. He also periodically does an AoE attack (Demolish) that everyone needs to get out of range of.

Number 2: Targeted Fire from the Sky
Throughout the fight when the third mechanic isn’t happening, there will be red crosshairs on the floor chasing people. Whoever they are following has to run around avoiding them and making sure not to train them onto other group members. These are pretty much a 1-kill kill on low hp dps and healers and 2-hit on the tank. Avoiding them is vital. If it gets close to hitting you, double tap a directional button to “dodge” away. This will give you some breather room.

Number 3: Fire from the floor
The final mechanic occurs when he goes to the center of the room. When he gets there, several markers appear on the floor and fan out over the room. They will LOOSLY follow players. They travel outwards a ways before arcing back and returning to the center of the room. They will turn slightly early or late if a player is nearby. Just make sure to start moving away from the center when the boss travels there. The further you are, the easier it is to dodge the flames. If one gets under you, be sure to dodge away asap. You have a 1-second grace period before the flames erupt and hurt you.

That’s the entire fight. Move him through orange wells while dodging red targets on the floor. And when he goes to the center, back away and dodge the floor markers. Rinse and repeat until he is dead and collect your loot.


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