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The Secret World: Halls of Lost Records Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Halls of Lost Records Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Halls of Lost Records Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Nefertari the younger (332, 427)   The Secret World: Halls of Lost Records Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Halls of Lost Records Guide / Solution30,000

Tier 1: Find Nefertari’s Chamber

Head for the opening in the 371,256

Be sure to grab the helmet w/ light on the ground…


Tier 2: Hold the Defenses in Nefertari’s Chamber

At the first quest marker, click on the Mythical Energy and the lights will multiply/go to new locations. However, there is a missing link that you must find.

The missing link is located on the statues lap. Jump up onto the broken corner in order to be able to reach the Missing Seal.

Place the missing seal in its proper place (Marked when you get close to it)

With the seals linked, it’s time to activate the Golem Protector. Click on him to do this and an event will begin.

You need to help the Golem defend against 2 waves of Transformed Orochi Soldiers. (Don’t forget to get the lore in the doorway later)

Once you’ve defeated the waves of Orochi soldiers, a hidden chamber will open up on the back end of the room. Grab Nefertari’s Key from inside

Tier 3: Chambers of Ma’at

The key is used to open the Colossal Temple Doors you passed on your way here. Backtrack until you get to the room marked on your map.

When inside, find a Mythical Seal and activate it. Keep following the light beam and activating the seals.

When all four activate, the door to the key will open up in the room, and with it you will have to fight a soldier.

Proceed to the next room marked on your map. Inside it will be very dark, and there will be a big and scary Corrupted Beast in one of the corners. Slay it and pick up the missing seal that it was apparently munching on.

Tier 4: Pick up the Key of Horus

With Seal in hand, light up the room and take the key.

Tier 5: Use the Barrier to Defend the Site

In the next room, rotate the seals until they all point towards the center.  Pick up the Key Of Satis when the door opens.

Tier 6: Use the Barrier to Defend the Site

Enter the Chambers of Sekhmet and Inspect the defensive barrier here. You will then have to use the barrier to seal the chamber. They are located at each corner of the room.

When it is sealed, pick up the key of Sekhmet.

When you have it, leave the area and bring the key to Ptahmose to finish the mission.


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