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The Secret World: Gravity Investigation Solution / Guide / Walkthrough
The Secret World: Gravity Investigation Solution / Guide / Walkthrough

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Gravity Investigation Solution / Guide / Walkthrough The Savage Coast Nicholas Winter - (547, 598)   The Secret World: Gravity Investigation Solution / Guide / Walkthrough   |   The Secret World: Gravity Investigation Solution / Guide / Walkthrough17,500
  Additional Mission Rewards:
  Pax: 17,500 | Tokens: 4

The Secret World: Gravity Quest Walkthrough Guide with Solutions

The quest is part of a chain which starts with Nicholas Winter just outside the evil amusement park in the Savage Coast on Solomon Island.

After accepting the quest, grab the “Last Will And Testament” off the passenger seat of the car.

Next up, since you had to complete “A Carnival of Souls”  prior to accepting “Gravity” you should have in your inventory the Monocle, click it to activate a buff.
Now you’re seeing things through the “eyes of Nathaniel Winter” – Reinvestigate the “Last Will and Testament”

The new clues point you to the “Henderson Farm” – It is directly South West of Nicholas Winter (the quest giver), look for the barn.

Inside the barn, on the ground you’ll find the first set of “Winter’s Plans” . Pick it up then investigate it with the Monocle buff.

Now you’ll be following paths on the ground, only visible while the monocle buff is active.   Follow the white path to the South side of the Bumper Cars and locate the next set of plans on the pillar.

Along the white trail, we found the”Red Glass” pieces on the platform of the Ferris Wheel.   Make sure to pick these up!

Open up your crafting window (Y), add the Red Glass you picked up and the Monocle then click Assemble.   Once complete, equip again to give yourself the “Red Monocle” buff.
Investigate “Winters Plans” with the red Monocle Buff and you should see the following, pointing you towards the Octotron.  Head there.

On the path to the Octoron, you’ll come across some stands, the next set on plans is on the right side, 2nd building.

Quickly turn to your left from the plans on the wall you should see some broken glass pieces.  Pick them up and assemble the Blue Monocle by first disassembling the Red Monocle, then crafting the blue glass and the clear monocle together.

The results of investigating the latest plans with the Blue Monocle buff.

Now with the blue monocle buff, head over towards the roller coaster platform.     You’ll find the next set of plans.
This is where things get tricky, the game assumes up to this point you’ve been paying attention.

Disassemble the Blue Monocle.   Next you’ll be making a Purple Monocle to finish out the quest.

Combine the Red, Blue and Clear Monocles together in your crafting screen.

Then follow the path to the center of the park.

Once at the side of this building, and with the Purple Monocle buff enabled, you should see a symbol.

You’ll need to click the purple symbol to reveal the complete circuit

And finally, start in the middle, click the “AC Voltage Source” then work your way around, starting at the bottom right corner (the light purple)  clicking each section counter clockwise. After the AC Source, click on the resistor, then then Diode, and lastly the Inductor.

A cut scene will follow, and the quest will be complete!

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