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The Secret World: Fungal Fireworks Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Fungal Fireworks Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Fungal Fireworks Guide / Solution Shadowy Forest Luminita - (840,855)   The Secret World: Fungal Fireworks Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Fungal Fireworks Guide / Solution20,000

Tier 1: Access The Terminal to See a Layout of The Substation

Go to the shack marked on your map to get a map of the installation.

Tier 2: Disable Circuit Breakers & Lightning Arresters

With map in hand, it’s time to Disable 2 Circuit Breakers & Destroy 4 Lightning Arresters.  The First Circuit Breaker you need to destroy is @ 695,700.  It will be the middle switch oppose the doorway you come through at (Highlighted below)

The Second circuit breaker will be housed in this building @ 645,700.

Pull the switch that it to your immediate right when you walk through the door (Shown below).

While you’re running around, look for the Lightning Arrestors around the area.  They are usually on the outskirts of the mission circle.

Tier 3: Use Spool of Wire on The 2 Air Break Switches

With all that done and out of the way, head over to the new marker and pick up a spool of copper wire.

The Air break switches you need to mess with are on the same two buildings that you flipped the switches at earlier.  So just head back to them and click on the air breaks outside the building.

Tier 4: Override The Automated Electrical Disconnects

Now that you’re done re-wiring the place, it’s time to override the automated electrical disconnects and re-route the power.  Simply follow the on-screen prompts to accomplish this.

Tier 5: Kill an Electrified Overgrowth While it is Weakened

With power re-routed temporarily, you have a limited amount of time to kill an electrified overgrowth.  The time limit should not be a problem.  These guys spew poison mushroom gas around the place.  Avoid it and try not to pull anything extra and you should be fine.


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