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The Secret World: From Oxford, With Love Guide / Solution
The Secret World: From Oxford, With Love Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: From Oxford, With Love Guide / Solution Scorched Desert Eavesdrop - (496,319)   The Secret World: From Oxford, With Love Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: From Oxford, With Love Guide / Solution16,670

Tier 1: Warn the Archaeologists and Help the Golem

Head to the location marked on your map.  It’s a straight shot up the dotted line on the mini-map from the main road.  You enter through a “tunnel” in the rock.  Halfway between the entree point and the actual camp, you will see a Golem.  It’s your job to help this Golem kill off the 5 intruders attacking it.  Keep the enemies in close range of the Golem so that he may help you do damage to them.

Tier 2: Retrieve the First Artifact

After helping out the Golem, head inside the camp.  Coming close to Montgomery will trigger a cut-scene.  Afterwards you will be sent off on an artifact hunt.

Swirly air votex’s are what you are looking for in the marked zones.  Look at the minimap in the screenshot for exact location.  They are fairly easy to spot.  Just clear out any enemies, walk up to it and click it to collect the Artifact of Unrelenting.

Tier 3: Retrieve the Second Artifact

The Second artifact is found all the way in the back of this little area on the corpse of some poor stranger.  You are also presented with a side quest “Open Tomb” here which you should do while you are in the area.  It is very easy and just involves running around closing all of the open tombs.

Tier 4: Retrieve the Third Artifact

The third artifact is a little trickier.  It is held by a giant named Khenti, a Dune Tyrant.  There are little portals on either side that take you up to the top of the walls where you can click an item that will shoot a beam of light onto his path.  To be perfectly honest, I would love it if one of you left a comment explaining what that’s all about, I didn’t notice any change when he walks through the beam so me and Unfair just killed him.  Tank + dps with a heal is an amazing combo for questing by the way.


The beams on the side are used to remove buffs from the Dune Tyrant. Dune Tyrant has 3 buffs that make it stronger. Theres 6 beams; 3 on each side. I turned on all the beams on one side. Then I whent to the other side. When the tyrant was about 2 steps from the beam I started to activate the other side beam. Then repeated it with the rest. Then killed it solo. The buff gets removed when the Dune Tyrant is between the beams. If theres no Dune Tyrant between the beams when you turn second on one; Both beams turn off.

Thanks to Zaro for explaining the Beams above =)


Once you defeat the Dune Tyrant, collect the third artifact.

Tier 5: Signal the Helicopter and Hand over the Artifacts

Your final destination in this quest is the top of the hill overlooking the area where you killed the Dune Tyrant.  You need to signal a helicopter, then fight off wave after wave of cultists until it arrives.  When it does, click on the chopper to hand over the artifacts, finishing the mission.


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