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The Secret World: From Below Guide / Solution
The Secret World: From Below Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: From Below Guide / Solution Scorched Desert Lisa Hui - (402,947)   The Secret World: From Below Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: From Below Guide / Solution16,670

Tier 1: Kill the Leader of the Attacks on the Orochi Camp

The camp is under attack! Quickly, TO ARMS!!  The first part of this mission is to defend the camp from the Psychotic Carriers.  There will be quite a few waves before you are allowed to proceed.

When the attacks subside it’s time to switch to offense.  Go forth and clear the area or the Fortified Carriers while making your way to the back towards their leader.  There will be lots of grenades all over the place while you fight the leader, so be careful not to take too much damage from them.

Tier 2: Clear the Area of Bloated Orochi & Filth Infectors

Another simple step.  Just kill everything in site.  The Bloated Orochi are not hostile, they will not attack you unless you attack them.  This lets you pick and choose your battles, as well as reduces the risk of having more enemies than you can handle attack you at once.

Tier 3: Clear the Area of Failed Experiments

While killing these, make your way towards the South Eastern part of the tent as that is where Tier 4 will be.

Tier 4: Kill Doctor Shirui & Experiment SB118

Enter the tent through the only entrance on the SE Side.

When inside, kill both Doctor Shirui and Experiment SB118.  Take out the Doctor first as he has lower health.  When they are dead, you will finish the mission.  Don’t forget to pick up the lore in the room as well as the side quest, a guide to which can be found here.



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