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The Secret World: Foul Banquet Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Foul Banquet Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Foul Banquet Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Father Lucian - (891,1215)   The Secret World: Foul Banquet Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Foul Banquet Guide / Solution33,330

Tier 1: Look for Anything Unusual in the Unearthed Graves

Start making your way through the graveyard behind the Church.  Don’t bother killing things on the sides if they’re out of your way.  The “something unusual” that you’re looking for is towards the end of the pathway, and you’ll have passed enough unearthed coffins and mobs to finish those parts by the time you get to it.

The Data tape is found in the last coffin along the path at the northern-most part of the red circle marked on your mini-map.

Tier 2: Search For The Other Data Tapes

When you looted the tape above, it had a note that said it was Recording 1/4, that means there should be 3 others in the area.  Time to find them.  Tape #2 can be found @ (685,1329), shown below.

Tape #4 can be found @ (665,1298), shown below.

Tape #3 can be found @ (696,1283), shown below.

Once you have all 4, you need to find a way to play the recordings.  Go to the marked area and click on the Data Tape Reader.  When you do, you be told that it is broken.

The Tracking Device will give you the quest Red Hands Aren’t Idle Hands, a guide for which you can find here.

Tier 3: Find a Way to Repair The Machine

To repair the machine, you need 2 things.  The first is a replacement tape drive, which you can find in the broken tape reader outside @ (675,1280).

The second is replacement wiring from the Ham Radio @ (706,1324).

When you have both items, return to the broken tape Reader and repair it.

Tier 4: Kill Scraphead Ruler & Read Data Tapes

When you repair the tape reader, a Scrapheap Ruler will appear in the room/cave behind you.  Kill him so that you can feed the tapes into the machine in piece.  When you do, the mission will finish.



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  • Pavel Sinkevich

    I don’t know if they have consultants on all languages they use in quests, but Russian text on Record One is grammatically accurate. I was so surprised to see Russian text in the game, it even looked weird at the first moment.