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The Secret World: Enemy of My Enemy Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Enemy of My Enemy Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Enemy of My Enemy Guide / Solution Blue Mountain Sarge - (441,229)   The Secret World: Enemy of My Enemy Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Enemy of My Enemy Guide / Solution13,330

Tier 1: Locate the Sasquatch Glade

The mission will begin with Sarge at the Military Camp at the start of the Blue Mountain Zone.  He will send you out to make allies out of a few Sasquatch.  Their location is marked on the tactical map, so have a look at it before heading out to the area marked on your main map.

Tier 2: Make Contact with the Sasquatch Chief

You will be greeted by a fearsome looking Sasquatch when you reach the entrance to their camp.  To make contact with the Cheif, you merely need to click on him.  When you do, he will point you in the direction of some Ak’ab cacoons.  Go to them and click on one to advance the mission.  

Tier 3: Free Sasquatch Victims & Kill Brood Feeders

Tier 3 of Enemy of My Enemy will present you with your first Solo instance in Blue Mountain, the Ak’ab Abyss.

When you enter, you will be tasked with killing seven Nubilous Brood Feeders and freeing the seven Sasquatch victims they are guarding.  The instance follows a linear path until the very end, at which point it forks.  I took the left one, but you can go either way as it loops back on itself.  IE, go left and you’ll come out on the right and vice-versa.  Below are pictures of each of the seven, since there is no map you’ll have to gather their location from what is visible, but you should be able to find all of them easily enough.

Tier 4: Destroy the Giant Ak’ab Cocoon & Kill the Brood Premature Queen

Once you free 7 Sasquatch and kill their guards you will have to backtrack a ways until you come across the giant Ak’ab cocoon shown below.  Destroy it and a Nubilous Brood Premature Queen will burst forth from it.  Slay her and exit the cave/solo instance.

Tier 5: Return to the Sasquatch Chief

Return to Blue Mountain and go back to the Sasquatch Chief.  When you left click on him, the mission will end and give you your rewards.


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