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The Secret World: Emergency Procedures Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Emergency Procedures Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Emergency Procedures Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Orochi computer - (64, 878)   The Secret World: Emergency Procedures Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Emergency Procedures Guide / Solution15,000

Tier 1:

Objective:  Find a way to access  the Orochi mainframe.
This involves a laptop .. some clicking.. etc..    I have to say, the Orochi folks aren’t very creative in their passwords.

If you recall or have previously done the Prometheus Initiative you’ll find the password to be.. familiar.

Anyhow, around the wall from the laptop, avoid the security drone, you’ll see a dead guy on the other side of a divider.
His final moments were writing ‘1981‘ on the floor, much like is other unfortunate compatriot… Hmmm, it’s almost like ‘1981’ means.. something..


Objective:  Key in 1981 to access the laptop.

Tier 2:

Objective:  Time to collect some data!  There are laptops spralled out around the area.

The Sentinel Data laptop  (58, 880)


The Black Pharaoh Data Laptop  (50, 944)


The Third Age Data Laptop  (58, 960)
“… It’s dead Jim!”    So, as you click, the laptop kind of explodes…  And there just so happens to be the parts to fixed it thrown about the camp!  GET TO IT!

Tier 3:

Objective:  Find an Orochi RNRG Impulse Panel  (72, 986)  It is inside the large tent from the previous tier.  Avoid the security drones. Loot the item.


Objective:  Find an Orochi SR Heatsink  (75, 975)  Same tent, use a little creativity to avoid the drones.


Objective:  Immediately on the other side from the Heatsink, grab the Orochi TFA-34 Battery at  (88, 985)


Objective:  Return to the broken laptop.  Repair it.

Tier 4:

Objective:  Get to the high ground and transmit the data.   Head out of the tent, along the rocks and up the path.  You’ll see a large antenna, click it.


The quest will update, head back to the path you just came up from.  Don’t leave the quest radius, but stand in the way of the incoming EMP Drones.
The goal is, don’t let them pass you.  As soon as they hit you, they’ll blow up, and the rest is simple!   The timer will tick down, when it reaches 0… SUCCESS!

Be sure to pick up the 2 side quests that begin at the helicopter when you finish.

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  • Hoggimus Doggimus

    In Tier 4/4, if you just stand there expecting the EMP Sentries to blow up when they hit you, you’ll be sadly disappointed. They frequently just sailed right over me, or sometimes even THROUGH me. If even ONE reaches the transmitter, you will have to restart the transmission.

    A much better plan is to burn them down as they approach. Since you can’t explicitly target them by clicking or tabbing because they are not ‘hostile’ as they sail up the path toward you, I relied on auto-targeting, which auto-targets anything more or less in front of you when you use an ability with no hostile mob targeted. If you have auto-targeting turned off, use any Ground-Target or Point-Blank AoE instead because those abilities don’t require an actual target. The EMP Sentries are very weak and you will 1- or 2-shot them easily with pretty much any attack other than a DoT.

  • Ela

    Targeting the sentries have been fixed, you can now target them normally to shoot them down (or slash, or whatever…)