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The Secret World: Dust Devils Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Dust Devils Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Dust Devils Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Ptahmose - (348,98)   The Secret World: Dust Devils Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Dust Devils Guide / Solution16,670

The quest starts right near the main zone entrance at Ptahmose (342,91).  Give him a listen and pick up the quest.

Tier 1:

“The valley is threatened by creatures from the Hell Dimensions.  The rifts they pour through are ever widening.  If possible they must be closed, or at least mitigated.”

First step is to head on over to his *cough*  ‘Secret Passage’ .  You know, secret as in … Turn around and look for the big freakin’ door!    (the click point is at the bottom center of the door.)


The secret passage takes you to the South Eastern side of the zone.    As soon as you finish loading in, take a left, look for things on fire.  Stick kind of to the right side of the path.

Tier 2:

“The distinction between worlds is becoming ever more tenuous.  The Earth’s sky grows red and ashen.  Find the principle Hellrift and try to mitigate the invasion.”

Objective:  Locate the Principle Hellrift.
Can’t miss it.


Objective:  Destabilize the Hell Rift.

There are 2 ‘Hellrift Stabilizers’   (I’ll give you 3 guesses what they do!)
Clear the angry demons around them and interact with them, turning them over.


Objective:  Go to Hell..  (well, no, not really… but kinda…)
With the Hellrift Stabilizers knocked over on their sides, you’re now free to enter the portal.

Tier 3:

“While closing the rift, it pulled you like a whirlpool into the Hell Dimensions. Take this opportunity to explore your surroundings and discover what powers the rifts.”

Objective:  Enjoy the scenery…


Objective:  Start working your way forward into the area taking note of the white “Earth Rifts”

The goal here is to kill the things in from of them and loot the fancy levitating electronics behind them.


Objective:  VOLARIC SMASH!   –   You’ll come to an attackable wall.  It seems pretty obvious what to do, but incase you have any hesitations of feel bad about beating up a poor defenseless wall…Just look at it this way…  He insulted your <Insert Faction of Choice Here>.    Beating up that rude insulting wall will result in a nice passable bridge.


These should be the last 2 “Earth Rift Fragments” you need.


With your “Earth Rift Fragments” in hand, it is time to go home!  Make your way to the exit!




Objective:  EXTERMINATE!  – Ok, really, who didn’t see this coming?  Defend the portal, Kill the bad guy.


With the bad guy dead, time to head on home.



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