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The Secret World: Draugnet Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Draugnet Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Draugnet Guide / Solution Kingsmouth Town Deputy Andy - (202,331)   The Secret World: Draugnet Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Draugnet Guide / Solution6,670

Tier 1: Kill Feigr Impalers

Go to the coastline and begin killing Feigr Impalers.  Try to pull these 1 at a time when you’re starting out.  They will be quite challenging.  The Impalers will put a white circle on the floor, move out of it.  If it hits you, you will take damage and be knocked down (Impaired) for a few seconds.

Tier 2: Kill Feigr Maulers & Brood Pods

When you’re done with Impalers, it will be time to move onto the Maulers and Brood Pods.  Maulers also put down a white circle, however, theirs is much bigger and always centered at their body.  move out of it before it reaches the outer edge of the circle or else you will suffer damage + be knocked down.  The Brood pods need to be killed quickly once engaged.  If they don’t, they will open up, revealing a newborn Feigr Mauler, giving you more things to kill that do not count for the mission.

Tier 3: Kill Incubators

Incubators will throw poison puddles onto the ground.  Move out of them before continuing to fight the Incubator.

Tier 4: Kill Feigr Broodwitches

The Broodwitches have a frontal cone AoE attack, move to the side or behind them to avoid it once they begin casting.

Tier 5: Kill The Feigr Lord

Once all the minions are taken care of, it will be time to fight the Feigr Lord.  He only has 1 dangerous ability.  A large white circle will be placed on the ground 1-2 times during the fight.  Be sure to move out of it or else you will suffer a lot of damage.

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