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The Secret World: Deathless Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Deathless Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Deathless Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Cucuvea - (940,550)   The Secret World: Deathless Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Deathless Guide / Solution30,000

Tier 1: Drive the Deathless From The Outer Courtyard

Go to the area marked on your map and start killing Deathless.  You need to keep killing until you kill them all so get busy.  Once they are all dead, head to the next marker and find the owl.

Tier 2: Protect The Owl Until The Ritual is Complete

When you get to the Owl, stay near it while fighting.  Protect it until it finishes preforming its ritual.

The final wave of attacks will be against an Unhallowed Servant.

Tier 3: Cleanse The Shrines

Once the ritual is complete, cleanse the two shrines that will be highlighted on your map by right clicking on them.

Tier 4: Protect The Owl Until The Ritual is Complete

Continue forward and repeat what you did during Tier 2.  Fight off wave after wave of enemies until the Owl finishes the Ritual.  Iazmaciune Lore #1 is found in this area.  Details how to obtain provided here.

Tier 5: Kill the Caller of the Desecrated

Here is where we get something out of the ordinary.  You are transformed into a Deathless yourself when you get close to the building.

You are given three abilities in the form of items in your Inventory.  Blood Bolt, Blood Burt, and Bloody Vespers.  Blood bolt is your spamable attack, blood burst is your burst attack, and bloody vespers your heal.  Easy, right?

Go around the building killing groups of deathless as you go.  Make sure to kill every statue along the way as well.  The protective barrier around the building will only go away once all statues are destroyed.

When you have access to the inside, you will be faced with Caller of the Desecrated and three of his closest friends.  Kill them to finish the mission.  If you are alone, I suggest taking out the adds first, one by one.  Stop to heal every time the cooldown is up and you will be fine.

Be sure to pick up the side mission “No-Hope Chest” while you are inside the building after you finish this mission.


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  • Rubylocks

    There are also stages in which you are required to cleanse the outer or inner courtyard from deathless… just keep on killing till the game is happy

  • Hoggimus Doggimus

    Firstly, you skipped a phase whose solution is not obvious- between Tiers 2 and 3 is the step “Explore the Inner Courtyard” and a large-ish red circle appears on your map. You can run all around and through this large red circle until your graphics adapter overheats and dies, but the mission will not advance no matter how thoroughly you “explore” the entire red circle, inch by inch. What you have to do to advance the quest is go to two shrines and kill the mobs worshipping at them. The quest will then advance to Tier 3 “Cleanse the Shrines” wherein all you have to do is click the two statues in the shrines and watch the Owl do, um, Owly stuff over the statues.

    Secondly, because the game in its wisdom does not provide for inventory items to be hotkey-activated, the fights in Tier 5 are much more difficult than they should be because you have to make a new bag, park it in an out-of-the-way spot on your UI, lock it there so it stays open after you close your main inventory, then drag the 3 abilities from your main inventory into that bag and close your inventory- all so you can right-click each ability in its turn while moving and dodging the aoe-circles-of-badness that these mobs like to drop on you.

    Thirdly, because each of these abilities has a tooltip the approximate size of Dolly Parton’s Tour Bus which sticks out far to the right of your mouse cursor, you have to arrange them in backwards order with the longest cooldown (health) on the left, then the big-damage interrupt, and finally the minor damage spammable attack- then you fight using the abilities from right to left so that you can see the two with cooldowns at all times while spamming the little one. Why do you have to do this? Because if you arrange them in logical order, spammable (no cooldown) then big damage (medium cooldown) then heal (long cooldown), the tooltip from each one completely covers up the ability icons to its right while you are spamming, preventing you from seeing when each cooldown is up.

    Fourthly, before you enter the Churchyard for Tier 5, put on every piece of HP gear that you have. You will not be able to use ANY of your normal abilities, and the 3 “Deathless” abilities that you get for this Tier are completely unaffected by any of your stats! They do the same amount of damage with each shot whether you have 4,000 Attack Rating or 300 Attack Rating! So make your life easy (we know you want to do that because you came here to make your life easy!) and stack HP for the final Tier. You can thank me later for this hot tip.

    Finally, during Tier 5, do NOT back up through the Churchyard Gate (to back-dodge out of the AoE circles of badness, of course) once you become Deathless and place all your new abilities because if you inadvertently cross that invisible line, then jump back in to finish the fight, you will find that all your carefully-placed abilities disappeared from your special, locked bag when you backed up that millimeter too far and then popped back into your regular inventory when you hopped back in. This means that none of your abilities are even visible, much less easily usable. Don’t ask me how I know this. It’s a shame that this isn’t a solo instance with an entrance you can’t inadvertently back out of.

    Oh yeah, PS: inside the church you have to kill about 6,000 little low-damage skeletor-ghouls (or ghoulettes) before you can get to the boss and his 3 Stooges. Unfortunately, the respawn time on these trash mobs is such that they will politely respawn around the time you finish off the 3 Stooges, giving you the opportunity to fight the boss and the 6,000 ghoulies at the same time. Oh, and all the trash you killed to get into the church? You get to fight each and every one again on your way out. You might be able to Sprint out and lose them, if only you COULD sprint while in Deathless form… Another reason this should have been a solo instance: the dead generally stay dead in solo instances.

  • Plot Device

    For the final part of this mission, after you kill the little guys, you’ll notice a balcony off to the side. You can get to it with aggro’ing the end group, and once there, you can use a pillar for los so you can fight the last four guys one-by-one. It makes things *much* easier.

  • Venomlaced

    It should be noted that for the last phase when you are transformed into a DEATHLESS to fight that your equipment does not effect your DPS …. so put on full tanking HP gear before the fight. Also while most skills on your skill bar will be grayed out some from the wheel do in fact work I found this out because I had illusion equipped and it was not grayed and it did allow me to use it.

  • kalunnk

    This is by far the most bullsh*t mission I’ve had to deal with so far. The thing you’re turned into doesn’t strafe, and abilities just stop working randomly.
    Not sure if it’s bugged or not, but Funcom F’ed this one up royally.