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The Secret World: Deathless Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Deathless Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Deathless Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Cucuvea - (940,550)   The Secret World: Deathless Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Deathless Guide / Solution30,000

Tier 1: Drive the Deathless From The Outer Courtyard

Go to the area marked on your map and start killing Deathless.  You need to keep killing until you kill them all so get busy.  Once they are all dead, head to the next marker and find the owl.

Tier 2: Protect The Owl Until The Ritual is Complete

When you get to the Owl, stay near it while fighting.  Protect it until it finishes preforming its ritual.

The final wave of attacks will be against an Unhallowed Servant.

Tier 3: Cleanse The Shrines

Once the ritual is complete, cleanse the two shrines that will be highlighted on your map by right clicking on them.

Tier 4: Protect The Owl Until The Ritual is Complete

Continue forward and repeat what you did during Tier 2.  Fight off wave after wave of enemies until the Owl finishes the Ritual.  Iazmaciune Lore #1 is found in this area.  Details how to obtain provided here.

Tier 5: Kill the Caller of the Desecrated

Here is where we get something out of the ordinary.  You are transformed into a Deathless yourself when you get close to the building.

You are given three abilities in the form of items in your Inventory.  Blood Bolt, Blood Burt, and Bloody Vespers.  Blood bolt is your spamable attack, blood burst is your burst attack, and bloody vespers your heal.  Easy, right?

Go around the building killing groups of deathless as you go.  Make sure to kill every statue along the way as well.  The protective barrier around the building will only go away once all statues are destroyed.

When you have access to the inside, you will be faced with Caller of the Desecrated and three of his closest friends.  Kill them to finish the mission.  If you are alone, I suggest taking out the adds first, one by one.  Stop to heal every time the cooldown is up and you will be fine.

Be sure to pick up the side mission “No-Hope Chest” while you are inside the building after you finish this mission.


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