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The Secret World: Dead Reconning Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Dead Reconning Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Dead Reconning Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Iorgu - (990,1076)   The Secret World: Dead Reconning Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Dead Reconning Guide / Solution20,000

Quest Begins at 996,1075

Tier 1: Enter The Vampire Camp

Examine the map on the table next to Iorgu.  It labels the three buildings you will need to traverse later in the mission.

Tier 2: Study The Vampires & Kill Doru, Frontline Observer

In order to fight the vampires effectively, Iorgu has said that you must first study them.  So study how they feed by clicking on a Blood Stock while the vampires are standing near it.  Afterwards, destroy it.

Head up to the roof of the building to defeat Doru, the Frontline Observer.

Tier 3: Head to the C-Series Blocks & Kill Dragos

Use the zip-line to zip on over to the next area.

In the next building, Dragos will be on the 2nd floor.

Tier 4: Find & Kill Frontline Leader Seryoga

Once Dragos is defeated, look for the ladder. Climb up to the top and use the other zip-line  to cross over to the C-4 Block.

When you land on the roof, you will see Frontline Leader Seryoga.  Take him out and access the laptop to see the “New Orders” that are being given out to the vampires.

While you’re on the roof, pick up the quest A Body of Work, a guide for which you can find here.


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  • Katsuri

    For C-2 you go up to top of the obvious building, then fight the 3 vampires and jump onto the next building to find him on the second floor.