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The Secret World: Dawning of an Endless Night Tier 17 Solution
The Secret World: Dawning of an Endless Night Tier 17 Solution

Tier 17 of the Dawning of an Endless Night Story Quest in The Secret World

For the 17th tier of the Dawning of an Endless Night quest, you need to go back down to your favorite deep shaft. When you get inside the mine, make a right turn and head down the elevator. Use your flare gun, should still be in your inventory, if you cannot find your way in the dark. There are no monsters this time around so just head to the open room at the bottom. There, you will find Freddy Beoumont waiting for you.

Strategy for killing Beoumont:

The first part of the fight, Beoumont will spawn three clones of himself that must be killed quickly. They will cast AoE spells that get progressively larger and larger and will kill you if left alone. This cycle of boss, adds, boss, adds repeats until he falls to 75% hp.

Once he hits 75% hp, he begins new tactics. He stops summoning clones, and summons two puppies that you need to kill. Kill the dogs, they don’t do anything special but they do hurt you. Additionally, he spawns several void zones around the fight area. Just stay out of them and you’ll be fine. Once the dogs are dead, start fighting the boss again.

Once he hits 50% hp, he begins casting 2 spells periodically. One of which is a heal, the other a damage spell. You don’t need to do anything special during this part. The buff you got from the spring should keep your health high and you should be able to out dps his heal, otherwise you might need to get better gear.

At 25% hp, he summons dogs and clones. At this point, it is not worth it to kill the adds, just focus down the boss. Here I started to kite the boss outside the room and up the tunnel in order to kill him while staying out of the clones AoE attack.

Once he is defeated, enjoy the cut-scene.

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