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The Secret World: Darkness War Boss Guide
The Secret World: Darkness War Boss Guide

The normal version is a Q6 dungeon. It is intended for players in Q5 and Q6 green gear from Blue Mountain

Video’s are our first time raw kills with 3 PUG’s, so excuse any mistakes/stupidity in them =)

First Boss: Batab Crusher

Strategy: There are a couple of things you need to worry about in this fight.

Adds will spawn throughout almost the entire fight, with a small break every once in a while. The first wave comes from the side opposite your entrance. Your group needs to kill these ASAP. The adds themselves aren’t dangerous, but if left alive long enough, the boss will cast a spell on them and turn them into living bombs. They will walk slowly towards players and if they allowed to get into close range, they will explode, dealing massive damage. Do not go into melee range of these, kill them from a range. He also does a Blood Boil, AoE Spell centered on himself periodically. When he does, move out of it’s range or else you will be hit with a knockback and a stun, with damage thrown on for good measure. Avoid it, kill adds, and don’t get blown up and the fight will be over before you know it.

Second Boss: Xibalban Bloodhound

Strategy: Mayans are performing a ceremony around a filth hound on an altar. You need to defeat group after group of Mayans in order to fight the hound. They come in small groups. Kill them quickly or else they start buffing the dogs, making it harder when you finally fight it. When there is one group of Mayans left, it’s time to fight the dog. Finish off any remaining adds before starting to beat up the dog. Tank needs to pick up the Bloodhound ASAP so it doesn’t start owning the group. The hound has a few abilities you should be aware of.

The first is a Blood Boil. It is an AoE centered on the boss, be sure to avoid it. It has a knockback + stun + deals heavy damage. It should be easy to avoid and noone should get hit by it. He also has a stacking debuff that he applies to the tank. In normal this isn’t a big issue, but in hard difficulty, the tank should try to kite using dodges periodically to get rid of the debuff whenever possible. Lastly the Bloodhound will cast a frontal Cone breath attack that will cover the cone area with Filth. Tank should position boss so that Filth Spread is minimal in the fighting area.

Third Boss: Dark House Sorceror

Strategy: This is a stupidity check fight. It sees how well you can pay attention and react to your surroundings. Don’t be stupid and this is going to be a cake-walk.

He will frequently surround himself with a bubble. During this stage, move away from him. It does a knockback and high damage if you are cought in it. At the same time, he will summon Ak’ab Shock Troopers to protect him. The bubble will stay up until the adds are killed. Each time he does it, one additional add will come out.

He will also cast the red bubble, but with a hole in the center. During this part, the group needs to get close, into melee range to avoid dying. While in this phase, he will draw lines on the floor in geometric shapes, lines, crosses, etc… Make sure noone touches the lines. To add difficulty, they will rotate around the boss. Additionally, they will rotate faster and faster as time goes on. Once again, this fight is simple, it’s just checking weather or not the group is paying attention.

Fourth Boss: Unbound Ak’ab

Strategy: At the start, a group of hatchlings will attack you. Kill them quickly as they have little hp and prepare to the main boss. Be sure to KILL ALL HATCHLINGS ALONG WALLS/ IN CORNERS. When they die, they leave blood on the floor that will cover the entire arena and kill the group if not properly placed.

When the Unbound Ak’ab is burrowed, he will not be visible, but you can see where he is by looking at where the white circle is going. You can see it in the video below. If he burrows by a player, the player will be knocked back and take a lot of damage. If you’re particularly unlucky, it will knock you into the blood, causing further damage. Lastly he has the standard Ak’ab dash attack that you will no doubt be very familiar with.

Fifth Boss: Mayan Battle Mage

HP:100, 414
Strategy: This is a survival fight, not a DPS race. You can’t do any damage if you’re dead. This boss teleport’s around a lot, making damaging him slow, and that’s OK. Like the first two bosses, he will periodically cast Blood Boil. If you are caught in it, you will take a lot of damage. Don’t get caught. Just like the first boss, there will be adds coming in throughout the fight. These need to be killed ASAP for the same reason as the first boss, however, much more urgently this time around. The boss will cast a spell on them that will turn them into walking bombs, this will be highly problematic as having a few of them explode at the same time on a player will be instant death. Lastly, the boss will throw magic stuff at the group. Whenever he goes to the top of the alter, he will throw them at the right side (facing him) of the arena, followed by the left, and lastly center. The savest way to dodge them is to stay in the center for the first 2 waves, then move off to one side or the other. He will also throw more whenever he teleports to the left(facing alter) side of the arena. Stay alive and you will slowly kill the boss.

Last / Final Boss: Wayeb-Xul, The Hound of the Nameless Day

Strategy: This is a long and amazingly awesome fight. There are 4 main stages.

Stage One – Mayan ritual
When you first enter the battlezone, there will be Mayans in the center of the stage. Hug a corner and AoE Them down when they get to you. You want them all to die as close to each other as possible. This will be explained later and you will be able to see the reason why in the kill video below.

Stage Two – Wayeb-Xul, The Hound of the Nameless Day
He will fly in from the void and land in the middle section. Tank needs to be up there and pick him up asap. DPS may want to wait 1-2 seconds before attacking while Tank gets aggro and moves into position. The boss has a few abilities to be wary of.
The first is your standard frontal cone filth breath attack. The tank should try to get this sprayed against the wall, or stacked on top of other filth whenever possible to leave as much of the playable map clean as possible. Go around the outside edge of the map.
He also does a red void zone like other bosses, but with a twist. This time, players that are far away will get dragged into close range and will have to back flip out of range of it or else suffer massive damage, and possible death.
He will also stomp the floor, making your screens blurry. This is an aggro reset, so stop attacking until the tank can pick it back up.
He will eventually cast reanimate, ressurecting the Mayans. This is the phase 3 transition. He will fly off after casting it.

Stage 3 – Mayans Plus Buffs!!!
Go back to where you killed the Mayans during phase one. Kill them again as they are resurrected. A Viking Warlord will spawn in the center of the battlefield after a few moments and give players a giant buff that increases damage and healing. Mayans will keep ressurecting and turning into bombs until the main boss dies.

Stage 4 – Wayeb-Xul + Mayans
The main boss will return to the battle. Tank needs to pick him up while the rest of the team finishes off the Mayans. Ranged should stay between the tank/healer/boss and the place where the Mayans lay dead. The fight continues just as it was in stage 2 with 2 minor tweaks. The first being that he no longer does the aggro drop/blurry screen move. The second that when he casts reanimate, he will not leave. This means you are left to deal with the adds and the main boss at the same time. Ranged will kite/kill the adds while the tank keeps the boss still/in a safe place. Keep dps on the main boss in between waves of adds and he will be dead before you know it.


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