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The Secret World: Crossroads Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Crossroads Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Crossroads Guide / Solution Shadowy Forest Mosul - (570,615)   The Secret World: Crossroads Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Crossroads Guide / Solution30,000

For this Mission, Bring a Hinder ability or a friend.  Otherwise, you’re going to bad time.  If you don’t hinder the enemies, they take forever to kill and may

Tier 1: Intercept a Tactician of the Tuning

Go to the area marked on your map.  The Tactician of the Tuning patrols the roads.  While you are here, pick up the “Out of This World” mission @ (564,418).  I’d suggest making your way to the side mission while looking for him.  When you see him, kill him and look at the Hellsoldier Plans when they drop onto the group.  If you pull other mobs at the same time as him, make sure to kill him last.  If you kill him and do not look at the plans quick enough, they will dissapear and you will not be able to complete the quest.  Killing him again will not help.  This happened to us, we had to go pick up another quest and come back in order to get it to work.

Tier 2: Find And Collapse 3 Shifting Hellrifts

When the Shifting Hellrifts spawn, an enemy will also come out of it.  Click the rift, or have a friend click it before it disappears.  Then Proceed to kill the enemy that came out.  They respawn quickly enough that you can wait at one location for all three shifting Hellrifts.

Tier 3: Close The Portals And Defeat Troilites

The portals are big, and they’re imposing, and it’s your job to close them.  So lets get to it.

Start out by clearing the platform of any enemies that are already there.  Once they are dead, close the equilibratory hellrifts.  When you close one, an enemy will come out and attack you.  Kill it before proceeding to the next hellrift and doing the same thing.  Once the two equilibratory hellrifts are down, click on the big portal.  This will spawn one of the three Troilites, depending on which rift you are at.  Kill all three and the mission will complete.

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