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The Secret World: Contagion Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Contagion Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Contagion Guide / Solution Carpathian Fangs The Smiths' Computer - (628,635)   The Secret World: Contagion Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Contagion Guide / Solution40,000

Tier 1: Locate Entrance to The Hot Springs

Head to the Hot Springs and grab the Bio Hazard Collection Kit from the back of the van.

Tier 2: Use The Orochi Kit to Collect 4 Samples From The Filth Pools

The samples are collected from the black pools in the area.  In order to count, it needs to have the black tentacle monsters within the pools.  If you are with a friend, you will each need to collect your own samples.  The respawn timer is roughly 1-2 minutes on each pool.

Tier 3: Collect Samples From Elder Zmeu

Next target for sample collection is the Elder Zmeu Sunderer’s.  Kill them, target them, then collect a sample from their corpses.  Both you and a friend can collect samples from the same corpse, so you only need to kill the required amount.

Tier 4: Kill The Stalker In Darkness & Collect Sample From Source

The entrance to the tunnel that will take you to the next area is shown here.

When you reach the bottom, you will have to fight “The Stalker in Darkness”  He has the abilities you come to expect from the wolf corrupter mobs.  Additionally, he splits into 3 wolves, which will disappear when you smack them a few times and find the correct one.

With it defeated, go into the pile of filth and take a sample.

Tier 5: Place & Activate Explosive Charges

Examine the laptop.

Pick up Explosive Charges.

Plant them on pillars

And trigger the explosion from the laptop.

It will go boom and block the source of the filth, ending the mission.


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