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The Secret World: Clearing The Waters Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Clearing The Waters Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Clearing The Waters Guide / Solution Shadowy Forest Emilia - (835,860)   The Secret World: Clearing The Waters Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Clearing The Waters Guide / Solution20,000

Tier 1: Go to Water Treatment Plant & Inspect Schematics

Start by heading to the Water Treatment Plant.  Enter at the west entrance to save yourself from having to clear through the plant to get to the Schematics.

The Schematics will be in the shed that is marked on your map.

Tier 2: Clean up The Treatment Plant

It’s time to make this place functional once again by purging the Spore Filth from the Area.  Your first step will be to clean the Uptake Vents of mushrooms.  The uptake Vents are found @ (860,70), (880,730), (825, 700).

With the uptake Valves cleaned, it’s time to get to the rest of the facility.  The supplies you are looking for are in the storage shed located @ (855, 790).

With Fuel, UV Light, and Chlorine tanks in hand, head to the area’s marked on your map.  The Backup Generator is on the side of a building, right up against the fence @ (810,750).

The broken UV lights that need to be replaced are in the facility @ (795,710).  Click on the lights to replace them.

Tier 3: Fill The Chlorine Receptacle’s & Destroy Monstrous Impurity

The last step will be to re-fill the receptacles with Chlorine in order to clean up the giant tanks scattered throughout the facility.  Simply go to every area marked on the map and first click on the chlorine receptacle, then go up the stairs and flip the Skimmer Operation Switch to get the machines going again.  It was during this part that we recommend you pick up the “Lord of the Flies” side-mission.

When you active the final Skimmer, a Monstrous Impurity will spawn and attack you.  It lays down Spore-filth just like more other Spore enemies.  Simply avoid it and it will die soon enough.


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