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The Secret World: Cabin Fever Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Cabin Fever Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Cabin Fever Guide / Solution Carpathian Fangs Rada Nastase - (515,770)   The Secret World: Cabin Fever Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Cabin Fever Guide / Solution30,000

Tier 1: Kill The Vampires Lurking Around The Lodge

Clear out all the vampires around the dodge area.  Check to the left, right, front, and behind it.  There are a few hiding behind some haystacks that you need to kill to receive credit, so be sure to check everywhere.

Next head into the barn.  When you enter, you will be ambushed by 4 monsters.  Slay them and pick up the Handwritten note that is left behind on the floor.

Tier 2: Search The Cabins For Survivors

Search from cabin to cabin, looking for survivors.  The first two you check are empty.

Tier 3: Destroy The Vampire Magus

The third, however, is occupied by a Vampire.  Slay it and examine the pile of documents on the table.

Tier 4: Defeat The Grey Vampire

Finally, you need to enter the cave of the Grey Vampire.  The path inside is shown below.

There is some lore in here next to him.  He isn’t too dificult to defeat…at this point… You’ll see him again during the follow-up Mission; “The Castle

When you slay him, read from the mysterious Book that he left behind to end the mission.


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  • Dafuq

    Ty for skipping over boss tactics for a boss that constantly heals itself

    • Volaric

      He didn’t heal himself when we fought him. If he did, it was negligible compared to our damage output. I don’t know what to tell you.

      • bug

        It’s bugged

    • $kankmo

      Must be code for thanks for the Site……Dink.

  • bug

    Grey is bugged. get him to 0, and he is unkillable

  • Datasmurf

    Yeah, still bugged. Frustrating. He was at 0 hp, I was at full. 3 times before I just gave up outhealing him.

  • Richard Cluff

    Well, they have obviously improved The Grey Vampire now….he doesn’t even take damage. I have a full suit of 10.0 gear and matching weapons. I sent the bug report to TSW just now.