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The Secret World: Bug Hunt Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Bug Hunt Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Bug Hunt Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Hallow Carapace - (312,138)   The Secret World: Bug Hunt Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Bug Hunt Guide / Solution???

Tier 1: Destroy the Locust Mounds

A bug will spawn when the mounds reach approximately 50%.  Just kill it and finish off the mounds.

Tier 2: Destroy the Large Locust Hive

When you destroy the large locust hive, the mission will come to an end, however, it will also spawn the Optional Morrowplague Locust Queen.


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  • Zic

    Confirmed Hive has 12k HP and quest completes after hive is killed, boss spawns after hive is down and has 15918 HP (Marrow Plague Queen?)

  • They’ve changed this quest to be less intuitive, I think. The small hives no longer spawn a defender bug (they keep spawning smaller bugs as they always do, but these ignore you unless you’re in line of sight, just stand behind the mound) … but for the second phase, your goal is “Track the giant locusts down” … not a word about the large hive (which, by the by, does not look to me much larger than any of the others). You have to wander well into the dead-end section of the bug area (past where you go under the bridge) and THEN the goal changes to “destroy the large locust hive” with a circle out in the main bug area.