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The Secret World: Black Sun, Red Sand Tier 4 Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Black Sun, Red Sand Tier 4 Guide / Solution

Tier 4: Continue Singh’s Research to Open the Door

Another mission that makes you think.  O thank you Funcom for making us use our brains while playing your game =)  The first stop will be the note on the following door which tells you of the seven statues, three of which are missing, being the key to opening the lock.  It also calls the Egyptian gods that we know of in reality “fake”, this becomes clear when you venture into the City of the Sun God zone and begin questing/adventuring there.

You must find the statues of the gods and click them in a certain order in order to open up the door.  To help you figure out the order, Arun Singh has posted notes in various places throughout the digsite.  They are shown below followed by a transcription of all of them.



1) The gods whose names start with the same letter will follow one after the other.
2) Neither of the southern gods shall lead the procession, or end it.

3) Gods whose names contain same number of letters never follow one another
4) The final god in the procession has a longer name than the two previous gods

Using these notes we determined that the order is as follows:
1. Meret Seger
2) Ma’at
3) Horus
4) Bast
5) Satis
6) Sekhmet


Here is an overview of the area, as well as what each statue looks like.







Tier 4: Recover The Tablet

Now that the puzzle upstairs is solved, you will be able to open the temple door at the location marked Anubis in the above graphic.

After you click on Anubis, the door where you found the first note will be clickable and you will be able to enter the Ancient Tomb.

Inside the Ancient Tomb, you will find an Ancient Tomb Guardian.  This isn’t a tricky fight, as much as a gear check.  I recommend taking him near the entrance as there are no fire cracks on the floor there, just be carefull not to back up too much or you may re-set him.  Potions and consumables are definitely recommended if you are lacking in the gear department.  Once he is dead, collect the Ancient Tablet.  Bring it back to Montgomery and proceed to watch cut-scenes.  Tier 5 is just a few more cut-scenes plus some traveling.

Alternate Strategy Provided by TheGreyWalker

Okay, yes I was a bit cocky up until this room. I was a mean, claw-ripping,
blood-draining frenzy of death on everything I encountered. Then I met the golem. I
have to admit this was probably the most humbling experience I have had in this
entire game where creatures and bosses are concerned, it also irked me the most
after dying  about 20 times attempting to take him down.  Now, as we all have
different builds and need to switch abilities and passives per the situation to come
out on top, I will freely admit that nothing I did worked at all.  Some people
claimed this was 'easy' but do not offer up possible tactics which made this 'easy'
to help others.  If you are stuck on the golem, hopefully you have ranged attack and
can do it like I did.  I used pistols.

1. Make sure you have good healing methods, be it potions or abilities. I used only
Turn the Tables off the Misc menu of abilities with a 35 second cool down and
Cauterize off the fist weapons abilities which is instant and no cool down.  These
are my bread and butter of self heal or assisting my adventuring teammate.  I highly
suggest you at least get Turn the Tables despite the long cool down, because if you
have no other real method of self-heal and rely on pots, you need to wait on their
cool down, whereas you can toggle between both when playing hide and seek (as
explained below).
2. Ranged weapons works for my method as explained, as I epically failed at melee
versus the golem.  I do not believe melee will work with my method due to skirting
him around the block (as explained below) and the long reach across.

3. Take your time and have a lot of patience, the more you rush or become agitated,
the more prone you are to screwing up.
Tier 4, How To Beat The Sand Golem
I entered the tomb and ran up to the opposite side of the central block opposite him
(blue x on the picture) and triggered him by shooting.  I ran back to the block
where you see my character pictured and proceeded to kite him around it, moving
constantly in a circle (pink arrows drawn on the picture) as he attempted to chase
and hit me.  He has a good reach, so you will get hit, but most of them are less
direct strikes.  He will stop and do his AoE creating the lava lines beneath him
which hurt the hell out of you (in the photos the rough estimate of the AoE is the
red circle).  When you see the white circle appear as he is casting, run back just
out of range back to the blue dot area.  Be careful of all the lava lines (roughly
remembered in the blurry yellow lines on the picture) or you will lose health.  
This AoE only lasts seconds for him, so wait a moment and run back to the block and
continue kiting him.

Your health will go down during this, do not panic.  Kite him until you aren't
willing to risk losing more health (take into consideration the layout on that end
and the ground around the platform, jumping over lava will cause you more health
loss), and just jump off that back end right by the block (all self healing hide and
seek appears in green on the picture) because he cannot follow you.  Whether you
prefer to run to the left or to the right at the base of the platform is up to you,
the result is virtually the same.. and you may be alternating if you are not quick
enough and cannot trick him while taking time to heal.  Remember - patience!  You
can play hide and seek for as long as you want until your health builds back up. 
Evading him during this period is really easy once you realize he has to walk all
the way around those first two pillars ahead of the block to make his way around the
base of the platform to you.  If you alternate running from the forefront of it off
to just near the side of the pillar and remain in the sand (watch out for the lava)
he will stop his path, turn around and try to go all the way back around to get to
you, and by then you are back in front of the platform which causes him to turn
around and run all the way around again.  It's pretty easy once you feel the rhythm
of it and keep him running  in those wide half circles.  If he manages to make his
way around to where you are doing this, just follow through around onto the platform
and get him back opposite of you and perpetuate the pattern..then go back to the
block and keep kiting him once your health is recovered.

Alternate Strategy Provided by Bauk

“Try to use terrain to your advantage as it seems that he cant go all way around first two pillars. Also, if you jump down from middle platform he does not follow you in straight line but goes around pillars again. Meantime, if you manage to jump back on middle platform, he again walks all way around pillar/s and not coming to you in straight line. This gives enough time to burn him down.”

Another Alternate Strategy provided by Wraithen

Come in the entrance and turn right following the wall to the first alcove with a statue in it. (Holding a staff in front of itself). Note the gap between its left knee and the wall. Now go pull and quickly run back hiding in that spot. From there I shot him to death and took next to no damage. Basically his aoe and special attacks seem to miss.

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