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The Secret World: Black Sun, Red Sand Tier 1, 2, & 3 Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Black Sun, Red Sand Tier 1, 2, & 3 Guide / Solution

Well done, you’ve made it to Egypt.  Let the good times roll, no more wandering about in the dark woods and dealing with those pesky bugs that like to charge you (Absolutely hated those things).

Tier 1: Search al-Merayah and its Outskirts for the Cultist Hideout

The first step is locating the hideout.  It is on the southeast side of the town outskirts.  Look on the mini-map on my screen to get a better idea of where specifically it is.  I’ll start making note of coordinates for future posts as I’m seeing some of you requesting them in the comments .  Afterwards go and kill enemies around town and you will get an Atenist Garb, they will drop off of everyone, so we advise moving on to the next part of the story quickly unless you want the crown to be cluttered with loot drops as seen below.

Tier 2: Infiltrate the Atenist gathering & Find a way into Inner Sanctum

Go through the doorway shown above and you will be inside the gathering.  On the left you should see wisps of air coming out from underneath a hidden passage.  Destroy the doorway that blocks your path and follow a linear path.  It will eventually lead you to a cut-scene.

Tier 3: Find the Suited Mans Destination & Defend the Marya Camp

When the cutscene ends and you find yourself back outside in town, you are tasked with shadowing the suited man- Berihun.

He will eventually turn into an ally and wait for you to catch up, the sneaky sneaky dead man.  When you enter the ally, a cut-scene will trigger

Next you need to travel to the Marya camp in order to defend it from attackers.  The location is marked on the map, simple to follow.  You will have to fight wave after wave of enemies before you are faced with Usirtasen.  Be careful as he has 9.4k hp, but it shouldn’t really be a problem at this point.

To wrap up Tier 3, you get to have a chat with Gandalf, including his “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” animation =)

Black Sun, Red Sand Tier 4 can be found Here.

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