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The Secret World: Ankh (Pandora’s Box) Dungeon / Boss Guide
The Secret World: Ankh (Pandora’s Box) Dungeon / Boss Guide

The normal version requires gear around QL8

Video’s are our first time raw kills with 3 PUG’s, so excuse any mistakes/stupidity in them =)

Throughout the dungeon and during some encounters, there are floating purple orbs. Dodge these when possible, but if someone manages to get caught by one, have everyone else in the group kill it quickly. When it attaches itself to a player, 2 things happen. The player is silenced (cannot cast any abilities). IF they orb stays on a player long enough, it will explode, killing the attached player regardless of hp. Now… Onto the boss encounters.

First Boss: Squalid Hekaturgist

This boss has a Targeted AoE ability. He will place an effect on a player, (It was always on me, the tank when I ran the dungeon) that moves with the player. The one with the circle on them needs to move away from the group, and the group needs to move away from the targeted person. Anyone left inside will suffer damage.
The other mechanic in this fight is the mind control orbs. They will spawn periodically throughout the fight. DPS must switch to these quickly and kill them or else risk having someone be silenced. If that happens to be the healer, things will go bad quickly. They must be killed before they can attach to someone, and if they do attach to someone, then they need to die before they blow that person up.

Second Boss: Doctor Klein

HP:178, 057
His single target attacks are called Profane in the Membrane and Spray and Pray, just throwing that out there because I find it amusing =) They don’t do too much damage as long as your tank is properly geared. This fight is about three main spells/mechanics that the kind Doctor will fire off during the encounter. He will summon a portal that shoots motes straight across the bridge on either the right or left side. The group must move to the opposite side to avoid them. Additionally, he will summon a tidal wave/burst that will also shoot straight across the bridge on either the right of left side. He will chains these abilities together, the time in between casting them decreasing as his hp drops.
He has a third major ability. This one casts in the center of the bridge and is big enough to take up the entire area and will kill anyone it touches. You avoid it by turning around and running away. At the end of the bridge opposite the boss there is a downed pillar. You need to get behind this to survive the attack. Run back towards the boss immediately when after the particle effects clear. Someone with a teleport or long range rifle will have the best chance at interrupting the boss. He needs to be interrupted because he starts casting the orbs and tidal bursts within very close proximity so it becomes impossible to dodge them both. The other option is to have your tank go in and eat the first tidal wave before moving in close enough to shoot him with a shotgun or magical spell to interrupt him while the group sits back in safety. That’s the entire fight, rinse and repeat to defeat him at this stage. (He runs away, you’ll fight him again later)

Third Boss: Orochi Dead Ops X3

HP: 53,417 each
Strategy:If you have a geared tank and someone in your party with heals besides the healer(yay Unfair!), you can do what is done in the video below and have 1 tank tank all three while you zerg one down asap. Other methods include having your tank hold aggro on two while someone else tanks the third, but that should be done if your tank and healer’s cannot handle all three smacking him.

Fourth Boss: Dimensional Arachnid

Throughout the fight, Orochi agents will spawn and start to buff the Dimensional Arachnid. The animation is them channeling a beam to the boss. When dps see this, they need to switch to target the adds right away. Kill the agents as quickly as possible and return to the Boss. Additionally the spider has an ability named Filth Undertow. When used, the boss drops a bunch of filth onto the ground. It goes without saying that the boss should be tanked on the outside of the combat zone as to minimize the area covered by filth. Kill adds quickly and dodge the Filth and you’ll be fine.

Fifth Boss: The Colossus, Melothat

Here is a DPS check fight. When the encounter begins, have the tank drag the mobs close to the gate so that the group may use aoe to kill the 2 adds and the gate quickly. Once the adds and gate are killed, the tank and healer move forward while the DPS stays and begins to unleash on the Colossus. Noone should go within range of the Colossus throughout the fight. If you do, expect to die and probably wipe the group. While the DPS are fighting the Colossus, the tank and healer will be progressing to the next gate. The Tank needs to get solid aggro on the Orochi Agent and knock down the next gate while the healer keeps him alive. Once you destroy the gate, run to the end until filth starts crawling up the wall(watch the video, you’ll see what I’m talking about). Then turn around and run back to the group to help dps the boss. When he nears the last gate, he will suddenly pick up speed, so be ready for that. He also starts to spawn adds. Kill the first 1 or 2 if you wish, but afterwards focus on the boss while the tank rounds them up and holds onto them. This will become problematic very quickly if your group has low dps and it takes long to kill him.
Aditionally, if the Colossus gets to the wall before you kill him, it’s a wipe. Again, DPS check.

Final / Last Boss:The Colossus, Melothat AND Dr. Klein

HP:356,114 for Colossus, 178,057 on Dr. Klein
The first phase depends completely on your tank. Grab the boss and move him all the way to the right hand side. He will periodically cast sludge onto you. When he does, move to your left. After he casts it, stand as close as you possibly can to the sludge without being hit by it. You need all the room you can get for your group to have mobility on the platform. The battle arena is a giant L shape. You start out at the entrance and move right to left, then you do the same thing on the other part of the L and you rinse and repeat this to deal with the Colossus throughout the entire fight. Have 1 ranged DPS stay at max range from the boss while fighting the entire time. This is because as soon as the Colossus falls over, Dr. Klein comes into the battle and begins doing stuff. That 1 ranged DPS must then run all the way up the series of platforms on the left hand side of the room and smack him around to make him stop and let the fighting continue downstairs. After he interrupts the Dr., that DPS should make his or her way back downstairs as quickly as possible. If they stay up there, the Colossus will target them and the tank will be unable to get aggro back until the player either dies or gets back onto the L shaped platform (This occurs in the video, thankfully we recover from it). This set of events repeats for a vast majority of the fight. Once the Colossus gets to low HP, the Dr. will start coming down to your platform. When he comes down, the Colossus will stop spewing Filth at you so you gain some mobility. Keep all DPS on the Colossus until it is killed. Just take him and the group to the part of the L platform that the Dr. is not currently on to avoid his attacks completely. Once the Doctor is dead, the fight is exactly like the first fight with Dr. Klein except instead of having to run behind a fallen column to avoid his big attack, you round the corner on the L-shaped platform. After it is safe, our group had me, the tank, run in and interrupt him so that the group could get in and safely damage him. Repeat this cycle a few times and he will teleport up top. This time, your entire group needs to run upstairs in order to finish him off. If you get to this point, you’ve basically won the fight. It’s just a regular tank and spank when he is up there. Once he dies, your quest will finish and you will be rewarded with loot and EXP.

On a personal note, I am loving these dungeons. Each 5-man feels like a raid boss in other games. I cannot express how much I’m looking forward to the raids when they arrive in the coming weeks/months. Also on that note, we here at will need people to raid with when that time comes. Feel free to contact us in game(Voaric & Unfair)!!


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