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The Secret World: Angels and Demons Investigation Quest Guide/Solution
The Secret World: Angels and Demons Investigation Quest Guide/Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Angels and Demons Investigation Quest Guide/Solution Scorched Desert Zhara - (559, 450)   The Secret World: Angels and Demons Investigation Quest Guide/Solution   |   The Secret World: Angels and Demons Investigation Quest Guide/Solution22,500

Complete walkthrough of the investigation quest Angels and Demons in Egypt in The Secret World.

Tier 1: Locate and enter the Plethron Office

Your first step in this investigation mission is to read the Plethron sign(giant thing on the side of a building, you can’t miss it) in order to find out more about the firm.  From the sign, you gather the location of their office.  Great.  Now you need to head over there and get in.

When you get to the office, surprise surprise, the door is locked.

Go around the buildings until you get to this spot.  Go in through the door and head upstairs.  Cross the roof and enter the building.

Tier 2: Inspect the office to find out more about Plethron

When you enter the building you’ll see an unfortunate soul dead in the corner.  Inspect his body to look at his ID Card.

Next head over to the computer and look at the password hint.

The hint reads

My surname is common in classic literature. And my clearance level is the key.

A quick google search of classical literature and Gold-Bug led me to a work by Edgar Allan Poe titled “The Gold Bug”.  The Gold Bug is about a treasure hunt that revolves around a cipher (code encryption/decryption device).  I looked up the cypher and found the following website:

At the website, I chose the method of encoding to be Text: Gold Bug.  Glass is the message to decode.  It outputs 305)), which is going to be the password for the computer.

-On a personal note, I love these investigation quests… So much!-

Input 4 into the computer two times in a row to complete the quest, or go through all the options and enjoy the reading.

Tier 3: Locate Warehouse, Access Surveillance footage and Access the Crate

Now it’s time to head to a warehouse.  Luckily, it’s marked on your map.  So head there for the next part.

Access the security footage and watch a short clip of someone accessing a crate.  Here is where I found out exactly how tone deaf I am.  Took me forever to figure it out.  It’s exactly like pushing keys on a telephone.  Each number has it’s own tone.  You need to match the code from the clip in order to access the crate.  You have unlimited tries, but it does kick you off after you get so many wrong in a row.  If that happens don’t panic, just touch the crate again and it will let you try again.

The code is 2435

Congratulations, you’re now finished with the Angels and Demons Investigation quest in Egypt.

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