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The Secret World: A Necessary Evil Guide / Solution
The Secret World: A Necessary Evil Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: A Necessary Evil Guide / Solution Shadowy Forest Silviu Dimir - (1070,1095)   The Secret World: A Necessary Evil Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: A Necessary Evil Guide / Solution20,000

That cut-scene reminds me of how a lot of horror stories begin…

Tier 1: Destroy Chainsaw, Meat Grinder & Generator

It seems that they left their butchering notes out in the open for anyone to see.  Time to sneak a peak at them I guess.

You will find the Chainsaws outside on the east part of the map marker @ (1130,1090)

You will found the Meat Grinders near the southern tip of the map marker @ (1100,1050).

The Power Generators are in the mid-Southern section, right next to the house @ (1070,1050).

And lastly the Sedatives are upstairs in the house that has the Generators outside of it @ (1080,1070).

Tier 2: Clean up The Farm

Now that that’s taken care of, onward to slaughtering some Ghouls!  The Pig totems are scattered around the area and will usually have 2 ghouls linked to them.

The troughs are inside buildings, sheds, chicken coops, places of that nature.

The Bait is stored in the barn. (Love the fact that this is an MMO and I can take screenshots like this)

Tier 3: Kill Cankermouth Ghouls

With things at the farm taken care of, it’s time to head to the Ghouls Base of Operations and cause havoc in there.  The entrance to their base is the gaping chasm shown below.

Inside you will need to kill many Feral Cankermouth’s and 4 Totemic Cankermouth’s.

Tier 4: Kill The Ghoul Leader

Their leader sits by a cozy fire all the way in the chasm, chilling out near his own personal Trailer.  Kill Patches.  Side note, look at his face, he looks so confused & sad… haha

When you finish this mission, You will unlock the next one, “The Cellar Door


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