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The Secret World: A Modest Proposal Guide / Solution
The Secret World: A Modest Proposal Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: A Modest Proposal Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Orochi computer - (64,878)   The Secret World: A Modest Proposal Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: A Modest Proposal Guide / Solution15,000

Tier 1: Activate The Sentry Gun And Defend The Camp

Start out by heading over to the Sentry gun marked on your map.  Right click on it to activate it.  It will now shoot any and all enemies that come with it.  I’m fairly sure it can solo this part of the mission, but we helped it out just in case.  It does a lot of damage so the “defeat the cultists” section of this mission should be a cake-walk.

Tier 2: Defeat the Infected Orochi

Activate the Sentry Guns via the laptop.  Shortly afterward, Orochi will start to come at you in groups of three.  Between you and the turrets, they should die very quickly.

When you finish defending the camp, you will be asked to move forward to the next camp.  Make your way there.

Tier 3: Plant Demolition Charges on Orochi Equipment

You need to pick up the crate of explosives inside the tent and plant charges around the area.  If other players are here, you might notice charges already planted.  If this is the case, just wait around up to five minutes.  They will despawn and be replaced by empty slots where you can plant a charge as shown below.  Once the charges are set, back up and enjoy the show.

Tier 4: Find And Defeat The Sniper

To get to him will be slightly tricky if you aren’t paying attention.  You have to stick to the shadows, otherwise, he will shoot you and probably kill you in 1-shot unless you have very high hp.  Running from rock to rock, shadow to shadow is the only way to do this unharmed.

Note: If you are melee only, I’d suggest using at least one ranged weapon.  Reason being that there are Orochi in the valley below the sniper as well, and they might want to stay out in the open.

When you finally reach the Orochi Sniper, take him out while dodging grenades and the mission will finish.


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