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The Secret World: A History of Violins Guide / Solution
The Secret World: A History of Violins Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: A History of Violins Guide / Solution Carpathian Fangs Callisto - (910,425)   The Secret World: A History of Violins Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: A History of Violins Guide / Solution46,670

Tier 1: Leaf Through Callisto’s Memoirs

Start out by leafing through Callisto’s Memoirs.  When doing so, you find a map of the Monastery of the First Mother with X’s in certain areas.  Might be worth investigating.

Tier 2: Locate & Search The Monastery Library

The main enemies during this mission are the Deathless.

Make your way to the Library marked on your map.

Inside you will find a marked book.  Examine it to read a poem written by Callisto for Mara entitled “Endure, Sweet Bride”

Tier 3: Go to The Living Quarters & Search For The Memento

Next head to the living quarters.  Go down the middle passage, then turn left when you get to the end.

Look at the minimap below to see your destination.  You will want to smash open the urn that is guarded by a Scourged Monk @ (1115, 275).  Not the urn in the slot that’s against the wall, but the one next to it.

Here you will find a letter from Mara to Callisto.

Tier 4: Enter Chapel to Find Final Memento

The final memento is within the chapel.

The WRONG way to go about things is to rush in there and start AoEing.  The enemies knock you down a lot, which makes it very difficult to survive.

Instead, sit at the doorway and pull things out 1-at a time, or just a few zombies at a time.  Every mob in there is not linked to any of the others, so you can pull the entire room 1 at a time if you wish.

When the room is clear, click on the Baptismal Font.

When you do, Plamen will pop out and start attacking you.  He has the same moves as the other Monks in the area, but additionally, he summons zombies throughout the fight.

When he dies, you will find a letter from Vlad to Callisto.


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  • Shuralath

    When you get to Tier 4 it’s perfectly safe to go into the room, walk up behind a group and start nuking them, you can melee each group where it’s stood without hitting another group.

  • Bocephus

    This quest is BULLSHIT!! If you’re solo and manage to clear the area and then start on the room God forbid you die. By the time you run back to the area wash, rinse, repeat, the mobs in the room start respawning…I never even got to the head of the room, let alone Plamen. They need to nerf the respawn time on the mobs inside of the room to give solo players a chance.

    • Bocephus

      Got to Plamen and he spawns 6 or so zombies during the fight AT THE SAME TIME. Was too much for me in all lvl 10 gear elm/shotgun build. I’ll definitely come back nuke these fuckers outta spite in the future.

    • WombTomb

      Have to agree, quite a few solo-hell quests but I spent this one sprinting from one spot to the other, died in the room, and had mobs respawn on me when I was half-way with the boss. I did manage to solo it, but that’s only as a tank in full blue Q10, which is bullshit because no quests give you blues in Trans anyway.

  • SRoach

    I did this with a mix of purples and blues, using a single-target leach-heal build I got off this ‘site months ago.
    I killed Plamen three times. On the first, I discovered if you don’t get to the letter fast enough, it despawns, on the third, I took Plamen down to half life, dealt with his zombies, then finished him off to get the letter. (I tried that on the second, but the room started respawning during my second attempt, so again, I missed out on the letter.)
    Also, Plamen only summons so many zombies. I don’t know the number, but it feels like, in retrospect, Plamen summoned maybe 2 waves of 6 zombies each. Since I was usng a single-target leach-heal build, most of them were still alive when the last ones spawned.