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The Secret World: A Dying Breed Guide / Solution
The Secret World: A Dying Breed Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: A Dying Breed Guide / Solution Carpathian Fangs Traian - (415,1130)   The Secret World: A Dying Breed Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: A Dying Breed Guide / Solution25,000

Take the side mission “Frostbitten” when you start this one.  You will complete it in the process of doing this one.

During the mission, you will have a debuff that slowly stacks up higher over time.  When it gets to 10 you will turn into an icicle.  I’m not sure what happens then as it didn’t happen to me, if someone knows, posting a comment is much appreciated.

Tier 1: Kill 5 Winterkill Rampants

Start out by killing 5 Winterkill Rampants in the area.  Some of the pulls come with regular wolves, but you shouldn’t have any problems.

Tier 2: Follow The Werewolf Tracks

Start following the green-highlighted tracks in the snow to get to your next destination.  If you get lost, it ends @ (480,1090).

Tier 3: Kill The Hunting Party

When you arrive at the end of the tracks, you come across the Hunting Party.  You need to kill everything here.  The ones outside, and both groups inside to complete this phase.

Here is the first source of heat to get rid of your frosty debuff.

Tier 4: Follow The Tracks Further

With the Hunting Party defeated, it’s time to move on and continue following the tracks.

Tier 5: Kill Winterkill Primus

The tracks will lead you to this building within the mountain.  Go inside and defeat Winterkill Primus.  He is @ (585,1045)

The heat source is in the room opposite of Winterkill Primus.

Tier 6: Kill The Master of The Hunt

Inspect the radio to hear more orders for the werewolves.

Once again, start following the tracks.

When you come to this encampment, you have the option of picking up “Eye-Spy” side-mission.  Don’t get it yet, as it is an escort and will take you in the opposite direction.  Instead, keep following the tracks and take the side-mission on the way back.

You find that the source of the commands is The Master of the Hunt, and he  is located @ (550,1275).  Pull each group of werewolves on the sides before engaging him so that you do not have to worry about the possibility of getting adds.


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