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The Secret World: A City Born in Blood Guide / Solution
The Secret World: A City Born in Blood Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: A City Born in Blood Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Ptahmose (348,98)   The Secret World: A City Born in Blood Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: A City Born in Blood Guide / Solution12,500

Tier 1: Clear the Ruins of Ghouls

Basic kill quest.  Go to the location indicated and start hacking away at the ghouls to thin their numbers.

Tier 2: Free Marya Captives

After killing a sufficient amount of ghouls, it’s time to free the Marya captives from their oppressors.  The ghouls are a cake walk but be careful when fighting the burning slave-drivers as they have 12.6k hp and deal a fair amount of damage.

Tier 3: Free a Bound Spirit in the Dessert

This one may fool a few people as the red marker on your map is not quite in the correct location.  The Bound Spirits are a little further should, up a hill.  Check my mini-map below for a reference.  To free the Bound Spirit, all you have to do is destroy the  Rune-Inscribed Shackles on either side of each Spirit.

Tier 4: Help the Golems kill Ghouls

Free more than one as you will get more kill credit.  You can have 1 Spirit attack 1 monster and get 1 kill for that 1 monster, or you can have  3 Spirits attack 1 monster and get credit for killing 3 monsters.  They will also go all the way to the end with you to fight Str’ia the Enslaver in the next section.

Tier 5: Find and Vanquish Str’ia the Enslaver

This fight is an absolute joke as long as you have 1 or more Spirits helping you.  They will tank and do a lot of damage to the Enslaver.


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  • stuck

    I cant seem to find where the quest starts, i tried checking the cave by the cords
    Ptahmose (348,98) but nothing there. Could you upload a image where you stand on the quest starting place?

  • stuck

    My bad i was in wrong zone in egypt! 🙂

    • Ha! Yea, I was going to log into the game, double check our data and get you that screenshot! But I thought, wait, that guy’s location is pretty obvious… hmmm..

  • Katsuri

    Is the quest bugged currently? I waited 20 minutes, and ran back and forth from start to finish a few times and i could not “find” the enslaver. – Noone else was there, they didn’t beat me to kill him. Thanks.

    • Sarph

      Having the same issue, can’t find the boss.

      • Alchemic

        ok what the fuck.. I’ve been standing here yelling in general chat like a whore… Funcom.. stop fucking shit up.. how can you ruin a masterpiece like TSW ?

        They really need to get their shit straight!