The Secret World: 1.0.2 Patch Notes / Change Log
The Secret World: 1.0.2 Patch Notes / Change Log

Patch Notes / Change Log for Tuesday July 17th, 2012


  • Sharing Side missions should now work even when the character receiving the new mission already has one or two Side missions.
  • New achievements are available for 500, 1000 and 5000 completed missions.


  • London Underground (Templar): Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the mission to suddenly pause itself.
  • Fixed the timing of the audio on Zamira’s cinematic.
  • Into Darkness (Templar) – Co-op Parking Garage: “Investigate the lower levels” now triggers with better timing.


  • Added an extra check towards the mission goals to support instances where the player finds themselves back in the Dojang instead of in Seoul.

The Blue Mountain

  • The Benevolent Conspiracies
    • Pausing the mission during Tier 2 should no longer prevent the players from completing the mission. Furthermore, the items used during the mission can still be picked up during the Tier they are used in by grabbing them from the correct soldier corpse.
    • Pausing the mission will no longer remove the Checkmate beacon from the player’s inventory. For those who already lost their Checkmate beacon, on Tier 5 you can pick it up again from the dead soldier’s bag.
  • The Blue Harvester will now drop his loot.
  • Reduced the spawn rate of Familiars during the final tier of ‘The Breakfast Cult.’
  • Off the Menu: Fixed an issue that would sometimes leave Bloodfang (Tier 3) stuck in his lair.
  • Further changes have been made through the various camps of Blue Mountain to make sure the mob density is reasonable, that you can run through the camp while avoiding some of the combat and that when you fight mobs it’s harder to accidentally pull adds that should not be pulled. The zones addressed were:
    • Southern Beach
    • Skull Island Draugs
    • Mansion’s Surroundings
    • Blue Ridge Mine Entrance
    • Haunted Forest
    • Abandoned Building (asylum)
    • Northern Ak’Ab camp
    • Western Beach
    • Orochi Camp Zombies
    • Pumpkin Patches

The Scorched Desert

  • A Shadow Over Egypt: The health of the summoned mini golems has been lowered.

City of the Sun God

  • Warrior Spirit of Hemitneter during “Blood and Fire” should now have more hitpoints and dps.
  • The mission “Heavy Metals” should now correctly get sorted under “City of the Sun God” for completed missions in the Mission Journal.
  • Black Sun, Red Sand
    • Killing the Black Pharaoh and dying at the exact same time now allows players to complete the mission.
    • Corrected an issue with Akhenaten’s Death Awaits ability.
  • Blood and Fire: Fixed an issue with the Hemitneter’s Clasp that would prevent players from restarting the mission during tier 1.
  • The Dark Places: The filth attacks from the Soul Corruptor should no longer persist after leaving the Ravine of the Champion.


  • The Hunger : Fixed an issue (this time for good) where the Voracious Wendigo could become stuck at 50% health and immune, but kept attacking.
  • Corpse Clingers now summon a zombie when casting ‘Scent of Blood’.

The Savage Coast

  • The Black House: Carrie Killian’s ashes should now respawn correctly.
  • Carnival of Souls: the item „Winter’s Monocle“ received at the end of the mission can now be removed from the inventory.
  • Theme Park Tycoon
    • The sound of the Octotron no longer persists after completing tier 2.
    • Dying during the Angry Clown encounter should no longer make the clown immortal.
    • Winter’s Plans can no longer be deleted from inventory.

The Shadowy Forest

  • The Architect encounter has been tweaked a bit to make it slightly less difficult.
  • Tenebrae should no longer be using placeholder abilities.
  • The Cellar Door: this is again a solo instance, as intended.

The Scorched Desert

  • High Cost of Dying: Corrupted Water Guardian is now easier to kill.
  • Nathifa is now less difficult to kill.
  • Caahs the Soul Spawn now has a spawn animation.
  • The Big Terrible Picture
    • Both the flames and crystals puzzles should now reset correctly.
    • The crystals for Tier 3 can now be interacted with correctly.
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Tier 2 can now be completed correctly.


  • Nightmare minibosses will again drop epic items. The chance for an epic Glyph kit is unchanged.
  • All items dropped by minibosses are now Bind on Pickup.
  • If you log out inside a dungeon, your character will now still be inside that dungeon instance when you log back in.
  • Polaris (Nightmare):
    • Ur-Things now disappear before the Ur-Draug’s Veil phase is lifted.
  • The Slaughterhouse
    • Based on player feedback, various effects throughout the dungeon have been improved.
    • Fixed an issue with hate on the Aleksei-Chetyre adds.
  • The Ankh
    • Melothat’s debuffs will end when he dies.
  • Checkpoints in Hell Raised and Hell Eternal should now function correctly for players joining these dungeons while they are in progress.
  • Hell Raised – Recursia
    • Triggerthings have had their hitpoints reduced by 20%. Elite and Nightmare Triggerthings are unchanged.
    • Phase 3 will now trigger at lower health. Elite and Nightmare modes are unchanged, and will continue to trigger at the previous (higher) values.
    • It is no longer possible to avoid the Triggerthing spell Biomeltdown by pressing close to the fight entrance.
    • Recursia should now successfully cast Anima Eruption at any target in the fight, regardless of range.
  • Hell Raised – Machine Tyrant
    • The Machine Tyrant should now hit his targets more consistently.
    • The Anima Vortex for removing the Machine Tyrant’s Anima Overcharge should no longer permanently disappear when waiting to begin the encounter.
  • The Darkness War
    • The Mayan Battle Mage’s loot will now always spawn on the ground.
    • Fixed an issue where The Bloodhound could replicate himself.


  • Gear manager builds can now be updated without having to first delete the previous build.
  • Need/Greed windows no longer disappear if you resurrect to a point where you should still be allowed to loot the items.
  • Fixed an issue that caused custom chat tabs to lose subscription to some chat channels on zoning.
  • Sprint buff indications have been updated so you can now see which sprint upgrade you are using.


  • Lore piece 5 in Agartha has been made easier to find and access.
  • ‘And Did Those Feed in Ancient Time’ no longer unlocks when completing only ‘Chariots of Fire’.


  • Nightwatch Glyph crafting kits are now Bind on Pickup.


  • ‘Volatile Current’ should no longer randomly stop working.
  • Casting ‘Crimson Theatre’ should no longer break the Ascendant encounter (Hell 2) and the Halina encounter (The Facility).


  • Cassandra King now looks younger and more attractive!
  • Villagers around Transylvania will reply more responsively to clicks for random chat phrases.


  • Claimed clothing will now show the same name in the Dressing Room as in the Item shop.
  • A correct grey variant of ‘Patterned Cargo Pants’ is now available.
  • The ‘Male Dawn Leathers’ clothing item will now correctly appear in the players Dressing Room instead of the inventory.
  • The Warrior deck outfit is no longer causing characters to look bald.
  • ‘Cutoff harness’ clothing will no longer cause invisible arms if worn with a ‘Sports bra’.
  • ‘Purple Quickened Anima’ can now be bought at Rank 8 as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where certain items could not be bought at faction vendors when levelling up several faction ranks at once.
  • Hair should no longer clip through baseball caps and other headwear.


  • Fixed error on dragging items between different pages in the bank.
  • You can no longer walk away from the bankers while the delete confirmation window is onscreen.
  • The right click menu on bank now has a subtle background.
  • Pressing ESC now closes the delete mail dialog.
  • When deleting an item from the cabal bank, the dialog message now correctly references the cabal bank instead of the inventory.
  • You can now press ENTER to confirm the delete mail action when the window is up.
  • The unread mail icon now is cleared when all mail is read.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use up/down arrows after deleting cash in a mail.
  • Compose Mail is now the top window when clicking the compose window button.
  • Clicking on an unread mail will now highlight it.
  • The ‘Take all attachments’ button now greys out when taking items.
  • The sort function for attachments and dates are now working.
  • Sorting mail now ignores lowercase/uppercase.
  • The Expand Size Limit button now greys out and can no longer be used when you upgrade your bank to the maximum size.
  • The “To:” field on mail now includes an option to send to a friend or cabal member on your friends list.
  • You can now only send 6 attachments on your mail.
  • The “to” field is now limited to 40 characters.
  • The message when trying to send a character bound item by mail has been clarified. It will now say „Item can’t be sent by mail. It must be in your storage and cannot be bound to your character.“
  • You are now presented with a sound along with a “you’ve got mail” message. The sound and message are displayed once per received mail.
  • The mail notification icon now quickly blinks 5 times when new mail is received.
  • You will now receive a message explaining to wait if you try to send several messages in a too short amount of time.


  • Some missing German audio files have been added.
  • Some missing sounds have been added to Transylvania
  • Some missing sounds have been added to the laboratory location in Amity House


  • The speed and animation for walking backwards has been slightly increased.
  • Fixed an issue where some anima wells in dungeons were not being discovered properly.
  • User preferences/settings should now be saved correctly and remain, also when connecting to the game from different computers.
  • Fixed an issue where auto run was being interrupted randomly.
  • Fixed an issue where your screen would become dark after resurrecting in The Blue Mountain.
  • Fix some collision issues in Fusang.
  • The Secret World now has new desktop icons.
  • Character nicknames can no longer end with a ‘-’.

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