Review: The Tiny Bang Story
Review: The Tiny Bang Story

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The Tiny Bang Story Review

Hello everyone, Volaric here and today we’re going to do a review of The Tiny Bang Story. While we have all heard of the Big Bang, not many have heard The Tiny Bang Story. This game is quite the charmer. It is a very well done puzzle-solving game with Where’s Waldo thrown into the mix. You scour the scenes, searching in every nook and cranny imaginable to find objects and puzzle pieces that will reshape the game planet.

The story is rather simple, even if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. the Tiny Planet is a peaceful place, but disaster strikes. An asteroid scatters the planet into dozens of jigsaw puzzle pieces. It is your job to rebuild the world. As you recover puzzle pieces, you place them back into the world and unlock new areas to travel to and continue searching for more pieces.

The puzzles are fun to think through and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Jigsaw puzzle pieces are found in hand-drawn backgrounds, treasure chests, in the machinery, heck, everywhere you can think of, and a few places you can’t contain puzzles. It’s not as easy as finding all the pieces though. You need to find objects to trigger mechanisms within the game that unlock new areas and new puzzle pieces. Additionally, you need to solve actual puzzles that range from logic and mathematical puzzles, to simple click-fests. There are also mini-games involving balloons, boats, and airplanes thrown in for good measure.

There isn’t any time limit, so there is no rush to finish as fast as possible. Players can go at their own pace. This allows them to take in the visual wonder the game provides. It has an art style unlike anything I have every seen before. The music compliments it well. The atmosphere is so soothing, it’s a delight to play.

The Soundtrack. I only have one word that describes it. AMAZING. It creates a relaxing, calming atmosphere unlike any I have seen before. This is particularly useful when you are stuck on a particularly difficult puzzle for keeping a cool head and sticking through it.

If you aren’t amazing with puzzle’s in general, fear not. There is an in-game hint system. During your adventures, there are mosquitoes buzzing about. Collect enough, and they will circle something you’re missing. It takes long enough to gather enough of them to make it not a worthwhile strategy to rely on them to play the game for you, but fast enough to get you out a a pickle when you truly are stuck.

I would like to leave you with a link to video’s of me playing the game from start to finish. If you plan on buying it, don’t get too far along the video’s, it’ll spoil the challenge for you =)

At a glance

Pros: The art style is absolutely amazing; The world is charming and surreal to explore; The puzzles are challenging and varied.

Cons: It can be very frustrating looking for tiny, barely-visible items, and you usually end up using the hint system; The story lacks any real sense of purpose, you know nothing about the characters.

Recommended?: YES

If this is something you are interested in, here is a link to purchase it from Amazon:


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