DayZ Mod Map with Loot and Vehicle Spawn Locations
DayZ Mod Map with Loot and Vehicle Spawn Locations

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The Ultimate Interactive DayZ Mod Map

Click on any point on the map to see item and locations details for that area!

Disclaimer:Interactive map is created by ZAM, the original version can be found at

  • china

    can you set bicycle spawn points and boat spawn points

  • Vixe

    You could place just the loot of a helicrash , just to see what could be droped off one …

  • b.f

    98% wrong for all

  • b.f

    98% wrong for all

  • Xackattack

    The map seems to cut off at the edges….

    • Tom

      It doesn’t, that’s the map size.

  • Tom

    All servers have the same loot map at the moment, except modded servers.

  • KookosPahkina

    add heli crash sites?

  • Ed

    how often does the off road pick up truck spawn 017103??

  • odz
  • daniel

    he i,am sorry but i can,t find cars in the map /game i have a own server but i am just looking 4 cars but i just cant find then pleas help

    sorry for bad spell

  • Zambiekilla

    Thank you i’ve found 6 cars and looked up 7 but the last wasnt there :S Btw i know a tractorspawn wich didnt show on this map

  • Matze

    I have two Heli spwans more !!! :PP

  • DoctaBecker

    any way to make this map full screen ?

  • fu

    this map sucks

  • ffs

    why isnt the map loading in the steam in game community window? now i need to alt tab to use the map?