Civilization V: Gods & Kings Releases June 19th
Civilization V: Gods & Kings Releases June 19th

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I’m starting to wonder where I’m going to find all the free time required for the soon to be released Civilization V: Gods and Kings expansion!

So it has been a little bit since I’ve played Civ 5, mainly due to the absolutely horrid cross platform support between Mac and PC players.

Yes… Hi, I’m Unfair, apparently the only person in the world who tries to play games on a Mac.. *sigh*     DON’T JUDGE ME!

But one thing that always bothered the hell out of me about Civ 5 especially against previous versions like Civ IV, which many would argue was a better, more complete game, was the entire lack of Religion and Espionage options in Diplomacy.

Community Swimming Pool – Circa. 1480 B.C.

Nothing beats trying to spread the joys of some screwed up religious ideals to your fictional culture and punish nuke into oblivion those who would deny worshiping your magical invisible walrus God in the sky!

But until now, Civilization V fell short.   While beautiful and addicting as hell, it always felt a little unfinished in the features department. It looks like they aim to remedy that with Gods & Kings.  The only down side is, we have to pay for the privilege. While the cost of $26.99 (currently 10% on Steam) isn’t going to break the wallet, it does seem like we’re paying for features that should have been in the game from the start.

Regardless, I’ve got my digital copy pre-purchased and am looking forward to the 19th!

Along with being able to make people worship the ‘Dirt Lord of Mars’ in the expansion they are also throwing in:

  • 27 new units
  • 13 new buildings
  • 9 new wonders
  • 9 new playable Civilizations.

As well as some supposed smarter AI improvements, an additional 52 Steam achievements, some new scenarios, and the Steam Workshop for mods platform.

Not bad at all really!   Money well spent?  I guess we’ll see on the 19th!

But if you’ve never played a Civilization game before but have any interest at all in strategy games, world domination, or just seeing how quickly you can starve out and turn a whole culture into chaos, Civilization is something you should check out!



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