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Review: The Tiny Bang Story

Posted by 10 years ago In Gaming, Other

The Tiny Bang Story Review Hello everyone, Volaric here and today we’re going to do a review of The Tiny Bang Story. While we have all heard of the Big Bang, not many have heard The Tiny Bang Story. This game is quite the charmer. It is a very well... [Continue Reading]

Let’s Play: The Tiny Bang Story

Part 1 This is an indie title called “The Tiny Bang Story” and it is quite enjoyable to play. A friend of mine turned me onto it and I thought it would be fun to film the game-play so I can go back and laugh at how I struggle through these... [Continue Reading]

Civilization V: Gods & Kings Releases June 19th

I’m starting to wonder where I’m going to find all the free time required for the soon to be released Civilization V: Gods and Kings expansion! [Continue Reading]  Read More →

Let’s Get Down To Business…

Ok, I need to preface this by saying, I play Xin Zhao almost exclusively. I love the character, love the play-style, and I made the comparison to Captain Li from the movie Mulan long before I ever stumbled on this video. Honestly, this guy captures the... [Continue Reading]

World of Warcraft Pet Battle System Music = NOSTALGIA!

So, browsing through MMO Champion and came across the best news I’ve heard related to WoW in a long time! They released the data on the “Pet Battle System” more interestingly, the music used during. Now, say what you will about the ‘Pokemon’esq’... [Continue Reading]