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Submitted By: Thym Thanks Thym! Whispering Tide Event: Preliminary Information Here is a preliminary walkthrough of the content. At the moment, it’s merely an exchange to get new currency to buy clothing, pets, and other things. There’s a... [Continue Reading]

The Filth is pouring. Pouring into the pristine Agartha and threatening the world tree itself. The struggle against the rising darkness has entered a new phase. The subtle balance of the world seems to be shifting. The latest actions in Issue #7: A... [Continue Reading]

The Gilded Rage Event is very similar to the Guardians of Gaia event from the 1st year anniversary. To get started in game, the best move you can make is to join the event channel by typing: /chat join GildedEvent  Spawn Locations: Each boss is the... [Continue Reading]

Today we are kicking off another Golden Weekend in The Secret World and also starting a two week long event called the Gilded Rage. Make sure you don’t miss this great opportunity to get your hands some very valuable rewards and bonuses. During this... [Continue Reading]

Let’s end this summer the right way! Throw on a bathing suit, head to the Forsaken Oasis in the Scorching Desert (it’s nicer than it sounds) and party with Nine Swords and Gridstream Productions! Festivities start at 2 PM PDT (5 PM EST).  Visit:... [Continue Reading]

Starting on September 6th, a new world event will be taking place in The Secret World called “The Gilded Rage”.  The event it set to last 2 weeks and offer ‘all kinds of golden rewards!’ Original Statement From The August Producers... [Continue Reading]

GAME DIRECTOR LETTER – AUGUST 2013 Hi everybody, let’s talk about all the cool stuff the future brings for The Secret World, both in Issue #8, with scenarios and augments, and beyond. Issue #8 – Venice, Scenarios and Augments The team is hard... [Continue Reading]

Details: Solo leveling/PvP build Tested in 1.7. WEAPONS: Blade / Assault Rifle (Requires: 393 AP) ACTIVES 1. Bamboo Cutter (Blade->Crossing River’s Edge, 9 AP) 2. Suppressing Fire (Assault Rifle->Bombardment, 9 AP) 3. Dancing Blade (Blade->Method,... [Continue Reading]

I thought this was cool and wanted to share!  I found this in my feed on YouTube, since you know, I monitor all TSW stuff 😉 The uploader: Jiburley noted Rilet for organizing it!  Very Cool Guys!  Very Cool!  Read More →

GAME DIRECTOR LETTER – JULY 2013 Hi all, The warmth of summer is upon us and most of the dev team is back from their vacation and raring to go on Issue #8. I’ll keep this update short and sweet. First of all, I wish to thank everybody who joined... [Continue Reading]