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We work hard to continuously publish and update content on the site. Unfortunately we don’t have any sponsorships from gaming or hardware companies, nor do we charge for site access like some other community sites.

We have some pretty extreme hosting and operational costs to keep the site going.

We do not profit from this site at all.  Currently, we’re attempting to offset some of the costs by employing Google Adsense Banners.  Unfortunately Google ad revenue doesn’t even put a dent in the monthly hosting costs, let alone let us expand to new features and site options!

Game site publishing is a commitment!

Most people don’t realize the amount of work that goes into site projects like this. I know from years of gaming, we have all taken for granted the information we so readily find on the internet when searching how to complete that one annoying quest, or to see what that new piece of armor will look like before we buy it!

We pretty much sacrifice every moment of free time to writing posts, coming up with new features, answering comments and questions, and just generally trying to keep the site going.

But make no mistake, we love what we do!

We hope to grow this project with new ideas, community features and more!

We, the site writers, are adults, with commitments to every day life, families, employers, etc.  So our time gets terribly divided between what we wish we could work on (this site) and what we’re obligated to do to survive in the real world!

How You Can Help!

Our dream would be to continue to publish, manage, and grow a gaming community as a full-time venture.  While that seems like a far off dream, we have to start some where!

If you enjoy the information we’ve created here, enjoy the site, or just wish to reward our time and effort, you can contribute to support our site and dream!

Any donations will be put directly to monthly hosting costs, site development, promotion, and project growth!   

Thank You!
We appreciate any and all contributions to keeping the site and project alive!