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Preceded By: “The City Beneath Us“ Tier 1 Objective:  Enter the Time Tomb Tier 2 Objective:  Find a functioning ark in al-merayah’s past Head into the door on the left, you’ll see a panel with 3 items – I solved it with... [Continue Reading]

This mission preceded by:  “The City Before Us“ This mission is one that is nearly impossible to make a useful written guide for, there for, enjoy this video version instead!        You’ll get a free 10.1 Head Slot... [Continue Reading]

Know Them By Their Works  is a side mission located within “A City Beneath Us“ You’ll get this mission while working your way down the tunnel in “A City Beneath Us“.  It’ll be on the right side, a scroll on table. Objective:... [Continue Reading]

O Tempora! O Mores!  is a side mission located within “A Time to Every Purpose“   Tier 1: Objective:  Free the blood sacrifices in the oasis.  (x4)  Click the guys bound and kneeling around the area. Objective: Steal Roman weapons... [Continue Reading]

The Escape is a side mission located within “The Prisoner“ Tier 1: Objective:  Free 6 Prisoners Click on the cells as you pass them down the corridor. Objective:  Kill 5 Guards Kill the guards as you encounter them in the tunnel. See our... [Continue Reading]

Tier 1:   All of the relics can be found for the most part laying around the dried riverbeds in the southern half of the map. The relics look like various broken bits laying around on the ground and are easily seen by the yellow outline around them. You... [Continue Reading]

Tier 1: Get to coordinates (467 , 321)  The door will be very familiar depending on which part of the Issue #6 mission chain you’re on. You’ll need to survive 3 waves of Cultists.  During one of the waves, be on the look out for a “Singularity... [Continue Reading]

  See our complete list of guides, solutions and walkthroughs by clicking here. See More From Issue #6 The Last Train to Cairo Here.    Read More →

The Whip, you too can live out your wildest fantasies… (Be it Jones, Belmont, Bedroom or otherwise!) Coming to The Secret World in patch 1.6 is the coolest and possibly kinkiest weapon in the Auxiliary arsenal, the Whip! Where To Get It? The Whip... [Continue Reading]

You can read the Q&A from massively at it’s source HERE, or we have provided the text below for your convenience. Massively: Since Issue #6 making its debut, are we to assume that the relocation has finished and the team has settled in? If so,... [Continue Reading]