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The Secret World: Blue Mountain Lair Mission – Picking Up The Pieces

Objectives: Find 6 pieces of the ward stone.  Read More →

The Secret World: Kingsmouth Lair Mission – Coralations

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The Secret World: Savage Coast Lair Mission – Nobel Calling

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The Secret World: Shadowy Forest Lair Mission – Seedy Underbelly

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The Secret World: Carpathian Fangs Lair Mission – The Mortal Coil

  Objectives: Acquire Primary Coil Components Acquire Toroid Components Acquire 5 Secondary Coil Components Acquire 5 Spark Gap Components Acquire 8 Capacitor Components    Read More →

The Secret World: Besieged Farmlands Lair Mission – Blessed Are The Makers

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The Secret World: Scorched Desert Lair Mission – Blood Garments

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The Secret World: Issue #3 The Cat God Testlive Patch Notes

Original text can be found below or at the source Here ———————————————————————- Update version 1.3 Notes **These... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Issue #3 The Cat God Goes Live on 9/26

Well everyone, it looks like Funcom is using some ninja skills, and has been for a while.  They took the entire Secret World Community by surprise by announcing that Issue #3: The Cat God, will be going live during tonight’s maintenance.  You... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: Joel Bylos Is The New Game Director

Joel Bylos Becomes The Secret World’s New Game Director With Ragnar Tørnquist stepping down as the Game Director for the Secret World comes the announcement of his replacement, Joel Bylos.  All the Ragnar fans out there, don’t worry, he’s... [Continue Reading]