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The Secret World: Patch 1.5 / Issue #5 – Consolidated Information

Complete Information and guide to Issue #5: The Vanishing Of Tyler Freeborn Bookmark and return to this page often, we’ll be linking to the new guides and content as we release them! Here’s a break down of what we know and what we’ve seen so... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World: The Uncertainty Principle – Quantum Weapon Mission

VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO “MAKO” WHO HELPED ME GET THROUGH THIS MISSION! Auxiliary weapon mission from Sandy “Moose” Jansen (196,345)  in Kingsmouth (Anybody else think the title of this mission could be the title of an episode... [Continue Reading]

The Secret World – Update Live Patch Notes Version 1.5

UPDATE NOTES 1.5 – 12TH DECEMBER NEW! Multislot clothing now allows you to equip the head pieces separately from the rest of the clothing. Investigation missions are now repeatable with reduced rewards! Various adjustments and improvements have... [Continue Reading]