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Con’s Fist/Shotgun healing build This build is very useful for nightmare runs like Polaris or others where you might as well do the cleansing yourself. I’ve used it a few times on last boss in Hell Raised to do the second cleanup but it requires... [Continue Reading]

AR/Shotgun Nightmare DPS Build Submitted by: Venlafaxine Details: The following is a build intended for Nightmare DPS. It is able to achieve 1k dps with blue QL10 gear and 3k dps with QL10.4 gear. It also contains minimal supporting capabilities. Direct... [Continue Reading]

“Bulletstorm” DPS Build Submitted by: Senec This is my everyday build that I use for questing, farming and dungeons. I call it ”Bullet Storm” Weapons: Pistol/Elemental Essential Active Abilities: 1) The Business (Pistol, Resource... [Continue Reading]

Solo AR Leech Build Submitted by: Keph This is the build I use for signet farming and soloing all Transylvannia signet quests. This is not a beginner solo build, as it requires a good bit of AP, though the main abilities can be gotten very quickly. Currently,... [Continue Reading]

AR/Shotgun Nightmare DPS Build Submitted by: Souljeh [Crusaders of the North] - Huldra - TSW Details: This is a AR/Shotgun build for Nightmare DPS WEAPONS: Assault Rifle/Shotgun It is a simple rotation and one of the highest if not the highest dps build... [Continue Reading]

Firepower: a DPS build. Submitted by:KoiBoy WEAPONS: Assault Rifle/Elementalism This is the build I used for solo play, while intending to be... [Continue Reading]

Draxess’ Nightmare Tank Build Chaos/Blade Submitted By: Draxess (Heaven and Earth Cabal) Weapons: Chaos/Blade All round Nm tank build (all 3 ‘old’ Nm and those that don’t require healtank). Can use it as MP build in all three... [Continue Reading]

Firepower: a DPS build. Submitted by: Bon Vivant WEAPONS: Assault Rifle/Elementalism. Core Active Skills: Safety Off, Shock, Blaze, Three-Round Burst, Lock and Load. -I prefer Suppression Fire and Red Mist, but neither is essential to this build. Passive... [Continue Reading]

Nightmare Tank Build Double Impair Submitted by: Pawnstar Weapons : Blade/Chaos Actives : 1.Crimson theatre 2.Reality Fracture 3.Escalation 4.karma 5.Trial by Swords (Impair) 6.Art of War (impair/Taunt/GlanceBuff) 7.Martial Discipline Passives : 1.Shadow... [Continue Reading]

Daniel’s Solo Survivalist Build This is my “Survivalist” build, a Solo/Tank build. Taking from Fists, Hammer, Shotgun, and Turbulence. Powers focus on using Blasts to Weaken/Hinder (and Purge) opponents, while giving you Physical/Magical... [Continue Reading]