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The following video plays when you land in the final area of Mortal Sins Tier 29. [Continue Reading]  Read More →

Tier 26: Enter The Breach Go to “The Site” from earlier.  Except now you know it’s called “The Breach”  When you arrive, Emma will start teleporting her way towards the Breach.  Follow her. [Continue Reading]  Read More →

Tier 22: Find And Follow One of Mara’s Messengers We found a Vampiric messenger running by the big gate here (I’ll go back in game and get coordinates + Update the post with them tonight). [Continue Reading]  Read More →

Tier 16: Find Octavian’s Cabin & Ask About The Eagle [Continue Reading]  Read More →

Tier 13: Find And Enter The Dragon’s Tomb In is the same building in the center of the graveyard that you visited previously, however, this time you’re going to enter from the front gate, go up the stairs, and inside the front door. [Continue... [Continue Reading]

Tier 10: Find & Activate The Source of The Stream You end Tier 9 at the Tree of Life, and are told to find the source of the Stream.  So start following the Stream. [Continue Reading]  Read More →

Tier 5: Go See Milosh [Continue Reading]  Read More →

[Continue Reading]  Read More →

Tier 1:Find Carmen Preda of the Council of Venice You can’t miss her. The first person you see when you zone into the Besieged Farmlands. She is @ (1200,1242). When you approach, a cutscene will play. [Continue Reading]  Read More →