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Talisman Crafting Patterns

Making Talismans in The Secret World is a somewhat logical process. As seen below, each item is created by essentially making its shape in the assembly box and using an appropriate talisman kit.

The Secret World How To Make A Charm Talisman
Charm Talisman
The Secret World Head Item
Head Talisman
The Secret World Luck Talisman
Luck Talisman
The Secret World Finger Talisman
Finger Talisman
The Secret World Neck Talisman
Neck Talisman
The Secret World Waist Talisman
Waist Talisman
The Secret World Wirst Talisman
Wrist Talisman

How to Assemble an Item:


  1. Molator says:

    You can craft talismans with water, fire and dust.
    Looks like water gives tank talismans, fire gives dps talismans and dust healer talismans

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