Sanctuary’s Six Month Anniversary Events
Sanctuary’s Six Month Anniversary Events

Sanctuary 13: Memories of the Future

This month will mark 6 months since Sanctuary was created. Because they’ve lasted 6 months and there have been no significant fatalities, they wanted to do something special. So for July, they are putting on events all week. There will be events that run all week long, starting on Monday 7th, and culminating on Sunday as well as special events on the following days:


7th: Mystery Event – Ongoing all week

If the title was not painfully obvious, this is to remain a mystery until it reveals itself. So pay attention to things leading up to the day. This event will be ongoing throughout the entire week, so if you have nothing else to do, then take a shot at it. Details of prizes will be announced once the event is underway.

10th: Sanctuary Scavenger Trail

The Sanctuary Scavenger Trail will be a clue hunting event. You will be given clues, and will have to work out where they are referring to. When you reach the location, there will be somebody there to give you the next clue. This will continue until you reach the end. All locations will be in either Kingsmouth Town or Savage Coast.

11th: The Ultimate Showdown II

The Ultimate Showdown II is here! There will be two competitions, the Last Man Standing, and the Team Knockout. The Last Man Standing will be a free-for-all kill anything that moves competition in the Seoul Fight Club. The Team Knockout will be more structured and based in London.  The host for this event will be Bumpiinha.

12th: The Cabal Recruitment Fair

Purely by coincidence, Katelin is running a Cabal Recruitment Fair on this day. Sanctuary has been invited to participate, so we are working it into our week’s celebration.

13th: Fantastically Fashionable Dance Quiz

This is about as convoluted as it sounds. We will be bringing back the all-time favourite that is the fashion contest. We hope to be welcoming some DJs to groove with us and host the evening. We will also be including a bit of a trivia quiz in the evening. More details about each part are below. The host for this event will be Auroris. It will be taking place in the Crusades, London.

Fashion Show

There will be 3 rounds of the fashion show, each one will be a different category. Points will be awarded out of 10 to each player, for a potential maximum of 30 points across the evening. Prizes will be awarded to the highest scorers overall, and there may also be a prize for the best single costume as decided by the judges.
Round 1: Battle Garb – Outfit yourself ready for war!
Round 2: Just Chillin’ – Dress yourself ready to hang out and chill with Sanctuary.
Round 3: The Secret World – Interpret the Secret World in your outfit. Show us what it means to be a Secret Worlder!

There will be an 800 point prize for the winner of each round, as well as 1200 points for the overall winner and a 1200 point prize for the best outfit of the evening. Please note that nobody will be permitted to win more than one of these prizes. If the overall winner is also the winner of a specific round, that prize will go to the runner up. There will also be several titles awarded, appropriate to each round.

Two rounds of 5 questions each. The rounds will be listed below. There will be a prize for the first person to answer each question correctly, and there may be a bonus prize for whoever can answer the most questions correctly.
Round 1: The Secret World
Round 2: General Knowledge

There will be 600 points awarded to the winner of each round. The overall winner will also get 600 points and the person who does the best dancing all night will be receive a prize of 300 points.

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