The Secret World: Venetian Missile Crisis (Rocket Launcher Mission)
The Secret World: Venetian Missile Crisis (Rocket Launcher Mission)

You get this mission from your faction hub.   It will be listed as a “Special Assignment” (Action Mission).
You must be a minimum Faction Rank 6 to accept this mission.


Video Playthrough


Tier 1

Objective:  Go to the location on your map. Enter the portal.


Tier 2

Objective:  Investigate the facility

As soon as you step off the platform, you’ll be attacked from both sides.

Each enemy had just over 4K health.

After a few waves, you’ll a Mercenary Veteran will appear.   Finish him off to advance to the next tier.

Tier 3

Objective:  Enter the first warehouse.

Start making your way to the opening, clearing the Phoenicians and Mercenaries.

Once in the door, the mission will update…

Objective:  Search for the stolen shipment

Head straight in the door and stay on the level and walkways.    (See Image below.)
The schematics are located at the top level, guarded by 2 enemies.

Tier 3

Objective:  Enter the second warehouse

I killed my way through the rest warehouse, but those favoring a more subtle approach can maneuver around with minimal combat.  The goal is to make it to the back door at the far left corner and get outside.


Stay to the shadows and behind boxes to survive..  If you step into the light, you’ll get a lock on your head and chances are, you’ll die.

A cheap way to do it, stack some health gear and make a run at the blue crates.  Health gear will increase the margin of error, but if you’re not quick, you’ll still die.

Stick to the shadows, and you’ll have to clear 2 enemies before you can walk up to the warehouse.

As you walk forward, be careful on this next pull as it will include 3 enemies.  Dispatch then, then Enter the Warehouse.

Objective:  Search for the stolen shipment.

This place is loaded with enemies.   If you’re alone, try to manage pulls to minimize your chance of death.  Otherwise, proceed to the right, keep clearing, on the far right wall, go under the platform.

Head inside and keep clearing as you come to the opening.

Stick to the right side and head up the ramp, killing things as needed along the way …

Follow the path along, leaving corpses in your wake until you finally come to your objective.

Tier 5

Objective:  Enter the third warehouse. 

Head for the door at the back of the warehouse.

And continue killing ….  *sigh*

Back outside, same rules apply, stick behind cover and to the shadows, but this time, you have to clear some enemies along the way.

Sprinting and use of active dodge can help here.

After you’ve cleared that alley,  you’ll come to a clearing then be looking on towards another gauntlet, you can bypass the next sniper by jumping on the van, and over the blue crates.   By doing so, be prepared to fight as soon as you land.

Clear your way in and walk through the front door.

Objective:  Search for the stolen shipment (…again…)

So, there’s a dirty trick in this one … Walk in to the right, kill the one mercenary patrol.  Then (see image below)  jump up on those boxes and hop over.

You’ll see the High-Tech Rocket Specialist guarding a case.   Hop down, destroy, and click the crate.

Tier 6

Objective:  Return to Portal

Exit out the way you came and return to the portal.

You’ll have to clear wave after wave of attackers…

Objective:  Return through the portal


Mission Complete.   Enjoy your Rocket Launcher. 

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  • xyz

    at the final defence – run to the corner to your right and the mobs will stand together to come arournd the crates to attack you and you can area attack them each wave

  • xyz

    At the final portal defence – it is best to run to the corner to your right – there, the mobs will come around that corner of crates to attack you and they will stand together – since they will be close together you can attack them together with an area attack each wave

  • I found that it’s really fun to use Domino Effect for final defense as it pulls everyone to the ground for a sec or two therefore reducing their chances of getting a shot at you.
    Used my chaos/blade solo build for the mission and when I stumbled upon big groups couple of times Domino definitely saved my life 😀

  • Darxide

    This mission was rather easy, but it’s extremely annoying that you could be up on top of the catwalks and if you do any AoE you can hit the gas canisters below you. When they explode they can cause you to aggro a bunch of extra mobs.

  • LePomp

    One of the good things about this mission (when I played it a couple of weeks ago) was that the mobs don’t respawn, so if you’re doing it solo with a not-awesome build, you don’t have to kill ALL THE THINGS over again 😛

  • Pepe

    Lol enjoy your rocket launcher. By the way, you need 50 spare AP points to use it.

  • Pepe

    and 35 spare SP!

  • Zabawa

    I played this mission solo at devastating difficulty as i had ql10 fist and ql6 chaos weapon with ql8-10 talismans, all green
    It was really hard for me as my chaos abilities glanced 99% so i only used fists and healing
    The final tier gave me most of headache cos of my low dps… i could only deal with 3-4 enemies then rest of them spawned and i happened to train about 8 or more of them around the containers
    i wasnt able to kill any more of them as only had close combat abilities and stopping meant my death
    then ive found a spoil at their pathfinding as i climbed at the border to the left of the portal and jumped down the corner behind the long wall of crates… most of the enemies ran around but some rocketeers stayed and i was able to kill them separately jumping back and forth

    hope ive helped someone)

  • Starjammer

    Once you’re tasked to reach the third warehouse, it’s easier to simply reset to the respawn point at the portal. The third warehouse is just over to the right from there.

  • Volaric I like your characters jacket how did you get it

  • Sorry I mean unfair s jacket

  • d3me

    Funny thing: you don’t need to fight the enemy waves on Tier 6! Just trigger “Alarm! Alarm!” event, run to the right of the portal, jump on the containers, then hide inside second open one (first is not safe from rocketeers). Wait till you receive a call from the Council 🙂 It saves me a lot of nerves.

  • Cody

    How the hell do I leave once I’m in and defending the portal. I already died 38 times. (Literally) to get the rocket launcher now at the end there are several guys just piling me. This is impossible and now I can’t leave.

  • Almost Ordinary

    Alternatively, for the second warehouse if you’re doing it alone: kill the two you see in the first pool of light. Let your health repair, then jump up by the fence, put on sprint and run for it. You may get targeted but jump off behind the trash container and just regenerate your health again. Pull the closest adds out 1-2 at a time before entering warehouse 2. Watch for the ones up on the second level by the door, too. Once the entry is clear, head to your LEFT (as you face the entry) inside the building. There is a patrolling guard you’ll have to kill just over 8k (be sure to pull those guys one by one) and another couple with 4k health each.
    Instead of proceeding straight ahead at this point–your objective is to get the clipboard on the second level–you can do this with MUCH less killing by jumping up on the crates along the same wall the entry door is on. The clipboard is right on the other side of the crates and guarded there by two 4k personnel. There is also a patrolling guard you’ll probably have to kill after you get the clipboard. Just stand there and watch between the crates and wait until the patrolling guard on that second level is away. Then aggro and start shooting the two guards. Stay standing where you are. Once they’re dead, jump over and grab your clipboard.
    This saves you about 10 minutes or more and multiple aggro kills.

  • Almost Ordinary

    A couple other tips for solo-ers, if you’ve died enough times to need to repair your equipment, you can do so at the soda machines inside the warehouse without leaving the instance.
    Try to only aggro 1-2 at a time and pull them outside or away from others. You will have to aggro quite a few to get up the ramp for the first warehouse. Take along some tacos and potions. And some health regeneration passives in your build.
    For the final tier, which to me was the worst until I figured this out, I ran to the RIGHT (as facing the gazebo exit) about 40 meters, there are a bunch of crates there. I stayed inside an open crate (you walk into it, not jump from above). This drew the enemies together for me and made it easier to kill them.