The Secret World: The Venetian Agenda
The Secret World: The Venetian Agenda

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Venetian Agenda Agartha Phone Call   The Secret World: The Venetian Agenda?   |   The Secret World: The Venetian Agenda?
  Additional Mission Rewards:
The Secret World: The Venetian Agenda

 Work in progress, if you want to contribute anything, please let me know in the comments below or you can submit hints, tips and solutions here!

For existing characters who have completed the main story line, you’ll get the initial phone call when you log into the game. Your handler from whatever faction you belong to will instruct you to travel to the Council of Venice Headquarters.

Tier 1:

Objective: Travel to the Council of Venice Headquarters through Agartha

To get there, head to the east side of the main platform (where Seoul is) and look over the edge.   You’ll want to drop down on to the platform below.

The Venetian Agenda - Entrance

Note:  Lore #2  Is located on TOP of the portal entrance.  To get to it, you’ll want to jump up the right side of the portal.  It’s a little annoying to get, but keep at it, you’ll eventually make it up there.

Portal Lore - Ventian Agenda

Enter the portal.

Note: Once inside a ways down the path, look to your left, you’ll see Lore #1.

Venetian Agenda Lore #1

Progress a little further down the tunnel a cut scene will play.


Tier 2:

Objective:  Complete certification by earning The Council’s Seal

From here, you’ll access “The Machine”, which will give you the ability to initiate scenarios.

Scenarios: General Information

The goal is to obtain [The Council’s Seal], which costs 80 [Aureus of Initiation].


I’ll continue updating as I get a chance to run scenarios. If anybody has anything to add, be sure to comment below!

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  • Ашграу

    You can also achieve Venetian portal from the end on transylvanian branch, they added transport vortexes.

    Aureus are not the Scenario reward, but loot [from wave bosses] inside Scenarios. Last boss also drops unattuned augments.

    Cooldown for normal and elite Scenarios is common, same thing with solo and duo, group and nm are independent from them. You can cancel cd using special item from Itemstore, stack of 5 items costs 5 Veteran Points.

    Castle and Manor are available only for buyers of Isuue 8, NM mode too. At this moment exists only ‘Seek and Preserve’ Scenario.

    Seems like you’ll need a special section for Scenarios, maybe sub-section in Dungeons?

    • Dott Warner

      Aureus is rewarded from completing the scenarios as well as from looting bosses. Just like with black bullion everyone needs to loot the bag to get the aureus that drops from bosses. To get the reward aureus from passing a scenario you just hit the exit button.

  • Ашграу

    Could you, please, upload version with subtitles? English is very difficult to understand aurally.

  • ignisterra

    There is an easy way to get the Lore#2, just back drop from the right edge of Seoul’s Portal and spam the use button to get the Lore while falling down.

  • Ашграу

    After obtaining Seal you’ll go to Arturo, watch another cut scene, then go to Agartha main platform, and in final phone call from your HQ you’ll be told, that even with your access you cannot reach Tokyo because of Filth, so go to corrupted portal and fight.

  • Ben Smith

    What’s the deal with the forged Council’s Pass? Looks like I have enough to buy it, but it is grey’d out still :/

    Honestly not enjoying the scenarios enough atm to keep it up, especially with the 24 hour lock down, it’d take forever to get it normally.