The Secret World: The Final Countdown – Dungeon
The Secret World: The Final Countdown – Dungeon

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The Secret World: The Final Countdown – Dungeon Kingsmouth Town Agartha   The Secret World: The Final Countdown – Dungeon   |   The Secret World: The Final Countdown – Dungeon

As you enter the Agartha, look to the right, you’ll see a portal there to enter this dungeon.


  • Road to Xibalba (5-Player Dungeon)
TSW The End of Days Event

Tier 1

Objetive: Kill Bolon Yakte’K’uh

There are achievements to kill him in varying ways…

  • Down for the Count – Kill Bolon Yakte’K’uh at his full strength
                      -Do this by activating the alter on the right side after you enter the instance.  This will bump it up to a QL10 fight.
  • Busted Bones – Kill Bolon Yakte’K’uh while critically impaged by Skull Collector
                     –    _______________ ????
  • Unidentified Flying Object – Get the Quetzal to help you during the Bolon Yakte’K’uh fight.
                     –    Have the Healer Heal the Quetzal to full HP during the fight.  Flies in from the left, and circles to the right and loops back.

Standard Kill Video


Kill Adds when they are up.  Use slows & Impairs to stop them from reaching light platforms before they die.  If they reach a platform, everyone gets a debuff that reduces maximum hp as well as causes about 1k damage.

When the boss is out, it is a basic tank and spank fight… until he shields himself.  When this happens, an add will spawn on one of the two side platforms.  Have the group kill it asap and meet back near the middle to get ready for more adds.  Sometimes they come out while he is still shielded, sometimes while he is not, so make sure your dps are ready to quickly switch to adds with slows/impairs + massive damage to kill them.

Repeat this cycle 2-3 times and the boss will die.



 Ending Cinematic

Cinematic that plays when you hand in the dungeon mission back in Scorched Dessert.

Check our information thread for more missions and details about the “End of Days” event.
The End of Days Event Consolidated Information 

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  • ArildIversen

    We did the dungeon by making sure the adds that run for the well that the boss makes, are killed before they get there. If not, the whole group will get a zap, and it takes two to die if you have about 2k HP. After the initial wave of adds, the boss makes it to his main place for combat. As you combat him, a shield appears and new mobs come at the sides. Make sure you don’t stand in the electric ground in front of him. The new adds will also run for the “well” – again, make sure they don’t get to it. Second time for adds, it was on the other side (not the initial left side facing forward). Then after doing this a few times, the boss dies with a huge amount of HP left. At “normal” he drops items QL6-ish. There was also a lore that appeared (LORE 5 for the End of Days), I think it was after we killed a bird of some sort (Quetzal)? Our kill did not give any achievements.

    There’s a 12 hr CD on the dungeon. Return to the site in the Scorched Desert where you did the first quest line for this event (just on the right side after exiting the Argatha entrance and ruins, in the dried up river bed 546,611-ish) to complete the quest and meet a sobbing and heartbroken archaeologist.

  • We whent in with full NM gear, so probably we missed some phases..
    But watch for the electricity on the floor infront of the boss and kill the adds as fast as you can, also it helps to have about 3k hp on and som AoE attacks to deal with the adds. The Dungeon is about QL 6 so, similar to Darkness wars.

  • jadebone

    killed the boss… said go back to redezvous point in desert.

    2 phases.

    1) attack boss, avoid cleaves
    2) adds, attack adds boss is shielded. the avoid aoe spam

    repeat till boss is dead.

  • jadebone

    oh and the door out was bugged. so we had to stone out. completing this quest gave us the quest ‘the nameless days’.

  • Dalliah

    You can Strengthen him by using the altar in the beginning, this makes him a QL10 fight. DPS and Healers will want to put on 3-4k HP. Start out, killing adds before they reach the anima wells, boss will come out and it’s a tank and spank until he shields himself, he will also throw AoE on the ground in front of him. When he shields DO NOT ATTACK HIM!!!! When he’s strengthened he will put a debuff on you that decreases your max HP. For this phase, my group kinda of split DPS on the 2 staircases where the adds spawned, and killed the “Servant of Seven Deaths” as well as the adds that popped up. After the 2 servants were killed, he came back out of the shield and did the AoE in front. We had 2 more add phases after that. When the boss got to about 10% he started summoning adds while were were fighting him, which I assume is the enrage.

  • Mishie

    What QL would you recommend before doing this quest, or due to the fact that it’s a limitted time event, would it better for a newer player to do it with more experienced friends?

    • Dalliah

      Without using the offering, he’s about a QL 5-6 fight. As a new player you could probably get away with going with a NM geared group and just stay out of the AoEs

  • To get the “Unidentified Flying Object” have your healer heal the hurt Quetzal as it flys across. It comes in from the left and exits to the right. It’s at like 1.2k and you have to heal it to 8k. This was the buffed version of the fight.This was after the second add phase and before/near/during the 3rd.

  • To get Busted Bones: If the adds make it to the light they die. You take 1k damage and a health debuff.

    Edited to add: 10 seems to be the maximum stack you can get. You can however mitigate the 1k damage with Cold Blooded. I personally started with over 6k health, and finished off with 10 stacks and over 2k health.

    • Virtuous

      10 is the max that the debuff will say it goes, but you still lose 300 max HP each time an add hits the alter, even though the buff doesn’t increase. I had 1 fight where I was the tank, everyone died but me and the healer. I started with 6400 HP and my max got down to 950 and then I died in a single attack by the boss.

  • jadebone

    like angela gray says, if you use busted bones to do ‘hard mode.’ If the mayan adds reach the glowing stones they do damage and you take an +1 to a debuff on all players. So kill the adds quickly, the debuff can not be purged! impare/hinder on the adds to slow them down is a good idea!

  • HAI! Is an essie! okay busted bones achieve, easy peasy but not for the lighter geared. First, make sure all members are over 6khp, as the healer i ran with 8khp but thats cuz i have insane builds and gear, now kill the first wave of adds but let a few slip through the cracks to get a couple stacks on you. at about 20-30% hp pn the boss this is where it gets really tough if people in the group do not have enough health. during this time IGNORE ALL ADDS DPS THE BOSS..roll out group buffs in succession, the group should stack on the HEALER on the stairs just infront of the boss but not on his platform. the only person touching the adds at all is the tank, the tank gets their aggro, goes back to boss, a bit of a back and forth thing. the healer wants to have aoe heals pumping hardcore and healing the tank also. bam, done. remember if people arent over 6khp the 10 stacks of the debuff will kill them.

  • Oh and I did all achieves on hard mode, so it is very possible.